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Ultimate checkpoints plugin! A complete parkour system for your server.

  1. Announcement

    Hello downloaders of this plugin.
    This is just an announcement.
    I've removed all version above 2.1 in order to upload this resource as a Premium resource.
    You got luck if you've already downloaded the latest version.
  2. Version 2.1

    What's new?

    - I added Parkour End breaking prevention. If you want to break a parkour end, you must SNEAK. The same for breaking a parkour sign.
    - I added [title] to the Reward system. This can be used to send a title to a player after they finished. You must have a Main- and Subtitle! Otherwise it will not work and give an error (console only). Start a new line by using %n
    - I added placeholders! Go to the main page to see what they are. Only the...

    Hey everyone!

    I left this plugin a while ago to work on some other projects. But here I am with a brand new update! I completely recoded this plugin! It's now 100% configurable!! There are also a lot of options added. Options such as:

    - You are now able the choose the block (and data) of the easy, medium and hard ends.
    - You are able to enable/disable pressurePlateFinish. When disabled standing on an easy, medium or hard end will be enough to finish. I really do NOT recommend this option...

    Static update!

    CheckPoints has now statics!
    We offer PlaceholderAPI & LeaderHeads support!

    - %checkpoints_easy% - shows the count you finished an easy parkour
    - %checkpoints_medium% - shows the count you finished a medium parkour
    - %checkpoints_hard% - shows the count you finished a hard parkour
    - %checkpoints_completed% - shows the total count you finished a parkour
  5. Minor Bug Fixes + BIG UPDATE COMES!!!

    Some bug fixes

    We're planning a cool update with the following new features:

    - LeaderHeads support
    - PlaceholderAPI support
    - Command rewards (when finishing a parkour by standing on a parkour end)

    Want to know more about this update or about the plugin? Join our Discord by clicking the following picture!

    There is not a real update actually. Only the link has been changed and we changed the layout of the plugin