⭐ Checkpoints ⭐ | Advanced Parkour System | Level System | 1.8x - 1.15x 2.4.1

Ultimate checkpoints plugin! A complete parkour system for your server.

  1. 1.14-1.15 support + Tab Completion + Level Blacklists

    fixed a bug where a method didn't exist in 1.8
    minimized some classes for better performance
    added 1.14 and 1.15 support
    recoded the block blacklist feature
    fixed some small bugs
    added anti-hunger for levels. There now is no more hunger while having a checkpoint set / in a level.
    added tab completion for commands
    added level commands to modify block blacklists

    it's now possible to set end locations of levels by looking at a pressure plate instead of standing on one
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