⭐ Checkpoints ⭐ | Advanced Parkour System | Level System | 1.8x - 1.16x 2.5.2

Ultimate checkpoints plugin! A complete parkour system for your server.

  1. Updater + Fixes

    Added MyGCNT updater: notifies updates when available on MyGCNT.
    Added ticks to the level timers for more accurate timing.
    Added support for the latest version of AdditionsPlus.
    Added general, non-dependence, support for AdditionsPlus actions formats. Default actions (included in the plugin) now follow that format and no longer require a space after the action identifier.
    Fixed the plugin checking for void locations for players on PlayerMoveEvent, causing lagg. It now runs a scheduler every tick.
    Fixed the level timers not counting minutes.
    Fixed some placeholders not working for rewards.
    Recoded the player and level managers to now all be stored in cache.
    Recoded the Main class to be called 'Checkpoints'.
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