⭐ Checkpoints ⭐ | Advanced Parkour System | Level System | 1.8x - 1.17+ 2.5.3

Ultimate checkpoints plugin! A complete parkour system for your server.

  1. GCNT
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    GaagjesCraft Network Team (GCNT)
    What is it?
    Checkpoints is an advanced parkouring system that is completely sign-based. You can create levels for players to play on, or create public checkpoint signs for players to save their lives while playing parkour.

    What are the features?
    A complete list of features is listed below, so feel free to read that. But in short, it contains sign-based checkpoints, a parkour level system, 3 different difficulties (easy, medium, hard), rewards, and much more.

    Features (detailed description)
    • Normal mode & Levels.
    • Sign based.
      • Sign for setting a checkpoint.
      • Signs for joining and leaving levels.
      • Sign alternative for parkour ends (instead of the default block finishing).
      • Sign for removing a player's checkpoint.
      • Sign for sending a player back to their checkpoint.
      • Sign for sending a player back to the lobby spawn.
    • Instant death (no death screen in the void).
    • 3 parkour difficulties.
      • Easy
      • Medium
      • Hard
    • Checkpoints (signs).
    • Join menu for levels.
    • Titles when setting a checkpoint and finishing parkours.
    • Tab completion for commands.
    • Custom level inventory.
      • Containing a return-to-checkpoint, leave, and visibility-changing item.
      • Restores inventory when leaving the level.
    • File-based.
    • 1.8x to 1.17+ support.
    • PlaceholderAPI placeholders.
    • Block blacklists for levels.
      • Stepping on any of the blacklisted blocks will instantly teleport the player back to their last checkpoint (or level spawn if they don't have one).
      • Ability to whitelist or blacklist blocks.
      • Changeable and togglable for each level.
    • Highly customizable.
    • Rewards
      • Each difficulty can have its own rewards.
      • Each level can have its own rewards.
      • 6 default actions to handle rewards: [message], [broadcast], [command], [console], [sound] and [title]
      • Hooks into AdditionsPlus for actions if installed.
    • In-game preventions.
      • We will disable certain events when a checkpoint is set or when a player is in a level.
      • Cancel dropping items, placing blocks, breaking blocks, picking up and dropping items, flying, teleporting, interacting).
    • Frequently updated
    • Quick support in our Discord
    /Command - Command Description - Permission

    /checkpoint - Teleport to the latest checkpoint - checkpoints.teleport

    /checkpoints - Main command - checkpoints.maincommand
    /checkpoints setspawn - Sets the main spawn - checkpoints.setspawn
    /checkpoints reload - Reload the plugin - checkpoints.reload
    /checkpoints teleport - Teleport to your latest checkpoint - checkpoints.teleport
    /checkpoints reset <player> - Reset the checkpoint of a player - checkpoints.reset
    /checkpoints sendback <player> - Send a player back to his checkpoint - checkpoints.sendback

    /level - Get a list of level commands - checkpoints.level.command
    /level list - Get a list of all existing levels - checkpoints.level.list
    /level leave - Leaves your current level - checkpoints.level.leave
    /level join [name] - Will open the level join menu or instantly join a level if one has been specified. - checkpoints.level.join
    /level kick <player> - Kicks a player from their current level - checkpoints.level.kick
    /level create <name> <difficulty> - Creates a new level with the specified name and difficulty. The difficulty has to be either easy, medium, or hard. - checkpoints.level.create
    /level remove <name> - Permanently removes a level - checkpoints.level.remove
    /level setstart <name> - Sets the spawnpoint/start of a level - checkpoints.level.setstart
    /level setcreator <name> <creator> - Changes the level creator to the specified value - checkpoints.level.setcreator
    /level setname <name> <displayname> - Change the display name of the specified level (supports &-colors) - checkpoints.level.setname
    /level setend <name> - Sets the end/finish location of a level. This requires you to stand or look at a pressure plate - checkpoints.level.setend
    /level check <name> - Lets you know if a level has been set up properly - checkpoints.level.check
    /level info <name> - Get all information of a level - checkpoints.level.info
    /level toggleblacklist <level> - Toggles the blacklist option of a level - checkpoints.level.toggleblacklist
    /level addblock <level> - Adds the block you are looking at to the block blacklist of a level - checkpoints.level.addblock
    /level removeblock <level> <block> - Removes the specified block from the block blacklist of a level - checkpoints.level.removeblock

    Other permissions
    Permission - details

    - To use a checkpoint sign

    checkpoints.sign.easyend - Ability to use an easy-end sign.
    checkpoints.sign.mediumend - Ability to use a medium-end sign.
    checkpoints.sign.hardend - Ability to use a hard-end sign.
    checkpoints.sign.sendback - Ability to use the sendback sign.
    checkpoints.sign.reset - Ability to use the checkpoint reset sign.
    checkpoints.sign.spawnpoint - Ability to use the return-to-spawn sign.

    checkpoints.createsign - Create a normal checkpoint sign.
    checkpoints.createsign.easyend - Create an easy-end sign.
    checkpoints.createsign.mediumend - Create a medium-end sign.
    checkpoints.createsign.hardend - Create a hard-end sign.
    checkpoints.createsign.sendback - Create a sendback sign.
    checkpoints.createsign.reset - Create a checkpoint reset sign.
    checkpoints.createsign.spawnpoint - Create a return-to-spawn sign.

    checkpoints.removesign - Remove a normal checkpoint sign.
    checkpoints.removesign.easyend - Remove an easy-end sign.
    checkpoints.removesign.mediumend - Remove a medium-end sign.
    checkpoints.removesign.hardend - Remove a hard-end sign.
    checkpoints.removesign.sendback - Remove a sendback sign.
    checkpoints.removesign.reset - Remove a checkpoint reset sign.
    checkpoints.removesign.spawnpoint - Remove a return-to-spawn sign.

    checkpoints.createend.easy - Create an easy-end with blocks.
    checkpoints.createend.medium - Create a medium-end with blocks.
    checkpoints.createend.hard - Create a hard-end with blocks.

    - Remove an easy-end of blocks.
    checkpoints.removeend.medium - Remove a medium-end of blocks.
    checkpoints.removeend.hard - Remove a hard end of blocks.
    checkpoints.removeend.level - Remove a level end (this could result in players not being able to finish certain levels).

    - Bypass the block placing prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
    checkpoints.bypass.breaking - Bypass the block breaking prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
    checkpoints.bypass.dropping - Bypass the item dropping prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
    checkpoints.bypass.pickup - Bypass the picking up of items prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
    checkpoints.bypass.fly - Bypass the flying prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
    checkpoints.bypass.teleport - Bypass the teleportation prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.
    checkpoints.bypass.interact - Bypass the block interaction prevention when in a level or having a checkpoint set.

    How to create a level?
    1. Create a new level using "/level create <level> <difficulty>". The difficulty could be "easy", "medium", or "hard".
    2. Set the spawn location of the level using "/level setstart <level>". This is the start location of the level.
    3. Set the end location of the level with "/level setend <level>". To do this, you have to be either standing on a pressure plate or looking at one. The block underneath the pressure plate doesn't matter in this case.
    4. Optionally change the creator and/or display name of the level with "/level setcreator <level> <creator>" and "/level setname <level> <display name>".
    How to create a parkour end?

    Sign formats
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2:
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: easy-end
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: medium-end
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: hard-end
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: sendback
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: reset
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: spawnpoint
    Line 3:
    Line 4:
    Line 1: [checkpoint]
    Line 2: join
    Line 3: <level name>
    Line 4:

    Terms And Conditions
    All our (premium) resources have the same terms and conditions. By buying and/or installing this resource, you agree with them. So read them carefully.
    Click the link below to view the terms and conditions.
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  1. The_Little_One
    Version: 2.5.3
    Very nice plugin! Hopefully it will be optimized for 1.18.
    Maybe you can add a function to set in which world players should keep their inventories and in which not :)
    Keep up the good work!
  2. Kitana4252
    Version: 2.5.0
    I love this Plugin! My players are very happy with it. but Im having trouble making Join Level signs.
    i can make checkpoint signs but cant figure out the level join signs.
    how to you configure the sign in game?
    ive looked at the config file but i still dont get it.
  3. Nether2046
    Version: 2.4.1
    Very good plugin!
    But, I can't set money as a reward.
    I used console and set this: ex) [console] money give %player% xxx
    but console can't find player.
    Also, I used command and set this: ex) [command] money give %player% xxx
    But player has not permission.

    How can I set the Money or Items for reward?

    also, The behavior of the timer is strange.
    0:00:60 --> 0:00:00
  4. Ciro998
    Version: 2.2.2
    Wonderful plugin, very helpful author, fast answer. Good job and thank u very much!!
    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      No problem. We want to fix all bugs right away to prevent complications with others.
  5. Crowbar
    Version: 2.1.1
    Great plugin. Works perfectly. GCNT is very nice and responds quickly to any questions I have had.
    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Support is the #1 priority for us together. We will always try to respond to everything within 2 hours. Although there is time difference for some players.
  6. LOVE-To-BOB
    Version: 2.1
    Where did v3.0 go? With the levels and the races...
    Please update it again!
    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      This contained some bugs that are fixed now. But we've decided to make it a premium resource. But please notice that you cannot download it on spigotmc. You will need to contact @lukas.vdgaag privately with your PayPal email-address. Then we will send you a invoice and once you've paid it, you will receive a PM on your spigotmc account.
  7. FleurDeKaaseter
    Version: 3.1
    This plugin is in my opinion the best Parkour plugin of spigot and bukkit. Other Checkpoint plugins are bad or doesnt support my server version (1.12). And this isn't even just a checkpoint plugin, it's also a great parkour plugin with levels and races for competitive players. Your updates are also amazing and I can't wait for the next update.
    1. GCNT
  8. tigduwa
    Version: 3.1
    Can you add reward system (items, commands, or money) per checkpoints?

    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      thanks for the idea. Next time please request features in the Discussion section or by sending me a PM. As you are not able to respond to this message I wanna ask you if you could send me your idea with more explanation. Thanks for the 5 stars.
  9. KingStation
    Version: 3.1
    thank you man for support 1.8 he is amazing and work take the 5 stars for your legendary work and keep going my friend
    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the idea. You can always PM me or ask in the discussion version for new features.
  10. KingStation
    Version: 3.0
    perfect plugin man keep going he is work for me take the 5 stars for yor legendary work
    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      Thanks bro. Updates for 1.8 will probably release within 2 weeks from now.