⭐ Checkpoints ⭐ SignBased | Translator | 1.9 - 1.12 support 1.1

The ultimate sign-based parkour plugin for your parkour server! SignBased CheckPoints plugin!

  1. lukas.vdgaag
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    JoshTheInator, GaagjesCraft Network
    Languages Supported:
    ALL LANGUAGES ARE SUPPORTED!! Go to our website to download the English/Dutch plugin version
    Plugin Description:
    Checkpoints is the best checkpoint plugin for your parkour server!
    Creative checkpoints and parkour ends with different difficulties like Easy, Medium and Hard.

    This is a sign-based checkpoint system created by joshinator117 and designed by GaagjesCraft Network!

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    Test server:
    Do you want to test this awesome plugin?
    Join our server and test it!


    • Sign checkpoints
    • Respawn by dead
    • No respawn screen
    • Parkour difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard)
    • Parkour ends (Easy, Medium, Hard)

    • Google Translate feature
    • PlaceholderAPI support
    • LeaderHeads support

    - %checkpoints_easy% - shows the amount you've finished an easy course
    - %checkpoints_medium% - shows the amount you've finished a medium course
    - %checkpoints_hard% - shows the amount you've finished a hard course
    - %checkpoints_completed% - shows the total amount of finished courses

    - admin help message
    - /checkpoints reset
    - /cp setspawn
    - /checkpoint reload
    - /checkpoint sendback

    - player help message
    - /chooselanguage
    - /cp toggleplayers
    - /checkpoint | /cp

    Q&A and Pictures:
    Q = How to create a checkpoint sign?
    A = Make a sign with [checkpoint] at the first line.

    Q = What's the lay-out of the sign?[​IMG]
    A = See the picture of the lay-out after you wrote [checkpoint

    Q = How to make a parkour end
    A = See the pictures and learn...

    Q = How to make a LeaderHeads sign?
    A = See picture to see how!
    Replace <number> to the numer of rank. For highest ranker type 1.
    The only leaderheads placeholder we have is cp-comp this will show the total amount of finished courses of a player

    To-Do list:
    All To-Do list things are currently done!
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