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Ultimate customisible fishing rewards for a fun fishing experience

  1. Rework reward system + new item config

    This new release brings a lot of critical changes. The reward files are completely different with keys all being lowercase now. There is also a new item config system for custom items. View how to config the new files [here](https://illuzionzstudios.notion.site/Reward-Config-d313cf35ee8f424f8d618def5cb9d418)

    You will need to remake all your reward files to follow this new format. This new format is to improve the customizability in the future and allows me to have it all clean and consistent.


    - New item config system
    - New reward format
    - New docs https://illuzionzstudios.notion.site/Custom-Fishing-234906da66864b35850b5b9794bc3e57
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