⭐ Custom Fishing ⭐ | ️[1.8 - 1.18] | Customisible Fishing Rewards ️ 4.3.1

Ultimate customisible fishing rewards for a fun fishing experience

  1. 1.15.2 Support

    • Added support for 1.15.2
    • Fixed several bugs
    Any problems please join the discord

    Yea, so apparently I missed another major bug :facepalm: PLEASE USE THIS VERSION
  3. FIX

    A small update which fixes a major bug. PLEASE USE THIS VERSION
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  4. Recode

    Hey all, I've decided to pick up progress again with this, and have many plans for the future of this plugin and many others to come. I've recoded a lot of the plugin so it's now 10x more efficient and one jar SHOULD support all versions. If you encounter any errors, please join the discord and contact support :D

    • Complete recode (10x more efficient)
    • Added /customfishing reload
    • Added extensive docs
  5. v3 Major release

    Hello everybody,

    I'm back ready to start updating this plugin. I have some exciting things planned in the future.

    As for this update here are the following changes:
    • Region Support (Set regions where certain rewards can be caught)
    • Squashed pretty much every bug I could think of
    Thanks again :D
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  6. Multi-Version support

    Hey guys, I'm finally back. I'll be working on adding all the highly requested features in the next week.

    New Features:
    • Added support for 1.8
    • Cleaned up chance code - more efficient
  7. Permission based rewards

    Add permissions for each reward. Each reward has a permission node where you can set a custom permission for each reward. It may be a bit buggy but it will be fully optimized later. Make sure to update your config by looking at the default config or adding the permission option to each reward.

    If you encounter any bugs please join the discord for support or submit a bug on the GitLab.
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  8. Im back! And revamp

    Hello Spigot,

    I'm back on spigot making plugins and there's no better way to do it then start updating this again, what I've done at the moment is just cleaned up the code and made it free of bugs. I have a bunch of ideas to add and would appreciate ideas from others away. Expect constant updates as well to make this plugin as engaging as possible.

    Changelog 2.0:
    - Revamped and cleaned up code
    - Remove Permissible rewards as it was buggy (will be reimplemented)

    Enjoy, Illuzionz
  9. Discontinuation

    Sadly I will have to discontinue this project as I have alot of other important things in my life. However, if any of you would like to continue this project on your own, feel free to as the code is still on the github
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  10. Added alot more features

    Sorry for the inactivity guys but here is 2.0 with everything optimized and new features added.

    List of new features:
    - Permissions per reward
    - Sounds on catch
    - Titles on catch
    - Lang file
    - Separate rewards.yml file

    I know it's not much but there will be very constant updates soon with a lot more fun ideas, so keep your ideas coming and I have now opened the source so if anyone would like to contribute I would appreciate that.

    This version may have bugs so please report so to me...
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