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Ultimate customisible fishing rewards for a fun fishing experience

  1. Code Fix

    Hey everyone,

    I'm back and I realized where I went wrong, I have fixed and updated all the code so now it runs as cleanly and smoothly as possible and all works
  2. Optimization and Future Plans

    Hey Guys, I haven't updated this in a while and I have come a bit in my skills since I made this. I realized how messy some of the code was and how much better it could have been written, so I have done just that. I re-coded pretty much the whole plugin, it does the same thing but hopefully more efficiently.

    I have plans to do with the GUI in the next update plus a few more things. Which hopefully I can release soon.

    Thanks, IMinIILLuZionZ
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  3. Reworked Chances

    Changelog Version 1.2.5
    • Reworked Chances, no longer a need for "Outof" in config
    • The noRewardChance is now out of 100
    • Look at config for anything else that has changed
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  4. Fixed Something

    Dw about this, just fixed something that was broken by accident
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  5. Added New Rainbow UI

    Changelog Version 1.2.1
    • Made the glass in the GUI Cycle through rainbow colors to give
    • you a bit more content while im working on more updates
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  6. Custom Fishing | Customisible Fishing Rewards | New Gui (In Dev)

    Changelog version 1.2

    Big Update:

    • Added new gui, /cfrewards, to see all fishing rewards
    • Permission for GUI, customfishing.rewards
    This GUI is still being fully developed so please help by
    leaving what bugs you find and improvements for it.

    • Im planning to have a way to customize rewards to an
    • extent from this GUI. Also planning to add more customisibility
    • to the layout
    • Added...
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  7. Custom Fishing | Customisible Fishing Rewards

    Changelog Version 1.1.5
    • Added the ability to toggle vanilla drops when you find a certain item
    • Just add "vanillaRewards: true" at the bottom of each reward
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  8. Custom Fishing | Customisible Fishing Rewards

    Changelog Version 1.1
    • Fixed bug where reload resets config
    • Added a /customfishing command to reload the config
    • Aliases: /cfishing, /customf
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  9. Custom Fishing | Customisible Fishing Rewards

    Title.jpg Overview.jpg

    Custom Fishing is a plugin I made for those who want an overall
    different fishing experience. With a fully customisible
    plugin, you can change the things you can find from
    fishing in only a few lines of configing. Includes such as chances,
    color codes, multiple commands, and multiple messages.
    Great for skyblock, factions, and maybe even prison. Features.jpg
      • Easily...
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