⭐ DonorMOTD ⭐| Sell your servers MOTD to your players 1.0.3

Sell your server motd to your players on your store, allow them to set their own motd!

  1. DonorMOTD 1.0.3 | bug fixes and message changes

    This version of DonorMOTD 1.0.3 fixes bugs that could've occurred when setting a motd with no words and changes some start up/disable messages
  2. Fixed some messages and added placeholders

    This update fixes some config messages and adds placeholders
  3. Added a prefix and update notification

    This update of DonorMotd (1.0.1) adds a prefix so you can now have a motd like
    ServerName > (Message)
    it is also fully configurable in the config