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  1. Sefiraat
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    EquivalencyTech (EquiTech) is a plugin designed to bring EMC and other elements of the fantastic ProjectE mod (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/projecte) into vanilla minecraft as a plugin.

    What is EMC?

    EMC is the essence of all matter. Nearly all items can be broken down into EMC and EMC can then be used to synthesize other items.

    As a server owner, all EMC values are under your control. By default, items that are crafted have their EMC values automatically generated using the EMC value of the recipe ingredients.

    You can disable any EMC item and override the EMC value of crafted items should your server require it. (e.g. You may not want hoppers to be synthesizable OR you would want hoppers to be worth significantly more EMC than 5 iron and 1 chest).

    Server owners can also set a 'burn rate' which will mean you get slightly less EMC back than it's cost.

    Transmutation Orb
    The Transmutation Orb is a craftable item that allows your users to access their library of EMC 'learned' items. Any item fed into the orb will be dissolved into EMC and, if the item was unknown before, be learned.


    Any learned items can be synthesized back for it's EMC value.

    Dissolution Chest
    The Dissolution Chest will turn any item fed into it into EMC. Items can be placed manually, hopped in or, if Slimefun is installed, sent via Cargo.

    Condensate Chest
    The Condensate Chest can be assigned an item by Shift + Right clicking while holding and EMC item. Once assigned, this chest produces that item, drawing EMC from the player's EMC pool, once per second. Items can then be manually removed, hopped or, if Slimefun is installed, removed via Cargo.

    Other information
    More information and crafting recipes etc. can be found on the wiki at: https://github.com/Sefiraat/EquivalencyTech/wiki

    If your server has a shop based economy, be sure to read through the balancing wiki page: https://github.com/Sefiraat/EquivalencyTech/wiki/Balancing


    A big shout out to the owners of the MCTantrum server who let me test there even once it was clear I barely knew what I was doing! <3

    Also thanks to the creator of ProjectE (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/projecte), an amazing mod that acts as a pillar for many great modpacks.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Infinull888
    Version: 1.1.5
    Honestly great plugin, if you could some how make it so that it didnt exit the menu everytime i learn a new item and make the uels burnable that would be amazing, also if you could add a command to change an items emc that would be awesome cuz now im using the config file to do that and like maybe put the player emc beside the name transmutation of thr transmutation orb in the ui if possible, also its kinda grindy to get the orb cuz by the point you get the orb it would be kinda useless so like make the receipes changeable, yeah thats about it but overall awesome mod.
    1. Sefiraat
      Author's Response
      Hey Inf,

      The GUI closing is annoying as all heck but was a requirement of the GUI lib I use. I have been told that has been fixed in their latest release so watch this space!

      Changing EMC via commands is a good addition, ill work on this.

      While I did intend the orb to be grindy (cause it's a soft-creative mode when made) I have no issues allowing server owners to decide their own difficulty. Im not sure how ill go about this but I will think on it more.

      Glad you like it :D