⭐ HuskHomes [1.17] ⭐ Simple & intuitive teleportation suite with cross-server support 2.6.1

A powerful, intuitive and flexible teleportation suite

  1. William27528
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    William278, ImDaniX
    Languages Supported:
    English, Italian

    HuskHomes is a powerful, intuitive and flexible teleportation plugin for SpigotMC Minecraft servers. The plugin supports a wide array of features; from teleporting between players, teleport requests, public and private homes, warps, random teleporting and more. It also supports this between multiple Spigot servers on a Bungee network.

    • Supports a wide array of commands players will understand in seconds.
    • Simple and intuitive interface; no clunky chest GUIs! Instead, a robust clickable JSON chat link system to view and edit homes and warps. (If you'd prefer a GUI, there's an optional add-on)
    • Supports teleporting to homes and players across multiple servers on a Bungee network.
    • Teleport requests (/tpa; /tpahere; /tpaccept; /tpdeny), supported through multiple servers.
    • Has a /back command to let players return to their previous position, or where they died if they have the right permissions
    • Show the location of public homes and warps on your server's Dynmap
    • Integrate your economy by setting costs to set homes, make them public and random teleporting costs
    • Fully customisable plugin messages, with multi-language and custom hexadecimal color support
    • Provides handy placeholders via PlaceholderAPI through an expansion.
    • Set warps for your server with the /setwarp and /warp commands
    • Set a /spawn location per server where players will also be put when they first join
    • Configurable random teleport command allowing players to get out into the wild quickly
    • Full TAB completion support across all commands to make it even easier and faster to use
    • Easily fine-tune each feature to your server's needs with permission nodes and a well-documented plugin Wiki
    • Supports migration from EssentialsX



    • /home, /sethome, /edithome, /homelist
    • /publichome, /publichomelist
    • /warp, /setwarp, /editwarp
    • /tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept, /tpdeny
    • /tp, /tphere
    • /spawn, /rtp
    • And more...
    Setting up for a single server

    1. Download HuskHomes.jar from the resource page
    2. Place HuskHomes.jar in your server's plugin folder
    3. (re)Start the server, then stop it again
    4. Make configuration changes to the HuskHomes/config.yml file as neccessary
    5. If you're using a permissions plugin, ensure permissions are set correctly
    6. Start the server again and you are good to start using HuskHomes!

    Setting up on Waterfall or Bungee
    You will need a mySQL Database setup to enable Bungee features
    1. Download HuskHomes.jar from the resource page
    2. Place the plugin in the plugin folders of all the servers you wish to run HuskHomes on
    3. (re)Start all the servers you added the HuskHomes.jar to, then turn them off again
    4. For each server, navigate to HuskHomes/config.yml and change the following settings
      1. Under data_storage_options, change the storage_type from 'SQLite' to 'mySQL'
      2. Fill in your mySQL credentials under `mysql_credentials`
      3. Under bungee_options:, set enable_bungee_mode to true and change the server_id to match the name of that server on the bungee network (e.g if you move to it using /server lobby, put "lobby" there)
      4. Modify other settings as appropriate
    5. If you're using a permissions plugin, ensure permissions are set correctly
    6. Start the servers you installed HuskHomes on and you should be good to go!

    This plugin uses bStats to provide me with metrics about it's usage. You can turn this off by navigating to plugins/bStats/config.yml and editing the config to disable plugin metrics.
    View bStats metrics: Click to view


    Click to view

    Click to view

    "I want a GUI!"
    You can download the optional HomeGUI for HuskHomes plugin in addition to HuskHomes and add them both to your /plugins/ directory.

    HuskHomes has an API allowing you to integrate it with your plugins. Check the HuskHomes Wiki for more details on this and browse the javadocs here for available methods and events.

    Help and Support
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Recent Reviews

  1. kit8379
    Version: 2.6.1
    Best teleportation plugin for cross-server. Lightweight, easy, customize. Very recommend this plugin.
  2. Mitsu2k
    Version: 2.6
    Great plugin. The dev is friendly and fixs the bug really fast.
    Also, adding redis messaging it would be extremely useful.
  3. kit8379
    Version: 2.6
    Best teleportation plugin for cross-server. Hope it will add support of redis messaging instead of only bungee messaging
    1. William27528
      Author's Response
      I'll look into it and create a feature request issue on the tracker. :) Thanks for your nice review.
  4. SouthStu
    Version: 2.5
    Very good plugin, perfect work and meet my needs. The active support of developers is amazing. It's worth downloading and giving five-star reviews.
  5. kit8379
    Version: 2.4.1
    Best plugin ever. I hope that it add Redis support so the plugin will be more scalable.
  6. Log1x
    Version: 2.3.2
    Great plugin! Any chance you could add the ability to /warp a player via console?
    1. William27528
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback, the latest version of HuskHomes (2.4) should support this.
  7. Kingcreeper1
    Version: 2.3
    A nice, light-weight plugin that doesn't intrude with any big GUI's by default. It's handy if you work on several projects either on servers or just on a locally hosted world.

    The understandable and logical syntax's for the commands do help greatly when your doing quick movements. Definitely a good choice for anyone looking for a well rounded Navigational Plugin with a niche logistical side to it!
  8. Emibergo02
    Version: 2.2
    Very good plugin. same for the support on discord. Very useful plugin for big servers
  9. Seraphoenix
    Version: 2.1.1
    Nice Plugin does what it supposed to do. Really nice support as well. 10/10 would download again
  10. ReferTV
    Version: 2.1.1
    Really cool plug! I recommend everyone to use it on their own. Support is very good!