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New 2020 Core: Open invies, enderchest, configurable join and left messages, set spawn, spawn tp

  1. Joseph20
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    New 2020 core, update every day!​

    • Added config to the plugin that will allow you to edit the messages *NEW*
    • Get player in game playing time *NEW*
    • Fully Configurable join and left messages *NEW*
    • Open players inventory, enderchest
    • Ability to change the server motd and max players
    • Custom chat format! *NEW*
    • Give players permission to open they enderchest, crafting table
    • Set spawn, Spawn command !
    • Convert your playing time in game to real time *NEW*

    enderchest.access - give player access to open other players ender chest
    enderchest.own - give player access to open their ender chest
    openinv.access - give player access to open players inventories
    workbench.access - give player access to open the workbench
    legendcore.admin - give you access to all the commands
    playtime.access - give player access to check other players playing time
    playtime.own - give player access to check his in game time
    legendcore.setspawn - access to set the spawn point
    legendcore.rename - access to rename item's name
    legendcore.cd - access to start cd
    legendcore.fly - access to fly comand
    legendcore.flyspeed - change your fly speed
    legendcore.fly.others - access to give other player fly
    legendcore.gamemode - change your gamemode
    legendcore.gamemode.others - change others gamemode
    legendcore.gmc - change your gamemode to creative
    legendcore.gms - change your gamemode to survival
    legendcore.gmx - restart the server
    legendcore.gms.others - change other player gamemode to survival
    legendcore.gmc.others - change other player gamemode to creative
    legendcore.teleport - teleport to player, xyz
    legendcore.teleport.others - teleport other player to player or xyz

    /EnderChest - will open your ender chest or the ender chest of the player name that you worte.
    /OpenInv - will open your inventory or the ender chest of the player name that you worte.
    /Workbench - will open your Workbench.
    /Craft - will open your Crafting table.
    /Openinvies Reload - will reload the config of the plugin.
    /Spawn - teleport to the spawn.
    /SetSpawn - set the spawn point
    /Playtime - check your in game time
    /Playtime <player> - check other players in game time
    /Cd - start a cooldown
    /Fly / <player> - change fly mode
    /Rename - rename item's name
    /Gamemode / <player> - change gamemode
    /GMC / <player> - change gamemode to creative
    /GMS / <player> - change gamemode to survival
    /GMX - restart the server
    /Teleport / <player> - teleport to player, xyz

    If you want to edit your messages its very simple, go to your plugins directory, then open LegendCore folder, open config.yml and edit the messages.




    # ================================================================================ #
    # +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ #
    # | LegendCore - By iproVi/Joseph20 | #
    # +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ #
    # ================================================================================ #

    # - Information: The plugin reloads automatically without any command necessary.

    # - Here you can change the login message for players or administrators
    # - %name% = Allows you to display the player's name
    # - %displayname% = Allows you to display the player's name with groups and colors
    # - %UUID% = Allows you to display the player's level
    # - %gamemode% = Allows you to display the player's Gamemode
    # - %ip% = Displays the connection IP of the player (Only usable in the console)
    # - %message% = in chat format will replace with the message
    Chat-Format: "%displayname%&f: %message%"

    Active-Join-Message: true
    Active-Leave-Message: true
    Active-Join-Operator-Message: true
    Active-Leave-Operator-Message: true

    Join-Message: "%displayname% &7has joined the game!"
    Leave-Message: "%displayname% &7has left the game!"

    Join-Message-Operator: "&c&l[AMD-LOG]: %displayname%&7 has joined the game!"
    Leave-Message-Operator: "&c&l[AMD-LOG]: %displayname%&7 has left the game!"

    # - Enables or disables the display of connections in the console
    Active-Console-Join-Message: true
    Active-Console-Leave-Message: true

    Console-Join-Message: "[&2+&f] %name% - [&6UUID&f] %UUID% - [%gamemode%] - [&3Ip&f] %ip%"
    Console-Leave-Message: "[&4-&f] %name% - [&6UUID&f] %UUID% - [%gamemode%] - [&3Ip&f] %ip%"

    # - Essentials - Displays custom names of essentials
    # - None - To display the base names
    # - Dont WORK!
    DisplayName-Use: None

    # - Changes the format for %gamemode%
    Gamemode-Creative: "&4Creative&f"
    Gamemode-Adventure: "&3Adventure&f"
    Gamemode-Spectator: "&7Spectator&f"
    Gamemode-Survival: "&2Survival&f"

    # - {0} = Target name / Your playing time
    # - {1} = Target playing time
    enderchestmessage: "&eYou have opened &b&l{0}&e's Ender chest."
    enderchestownmessage: "&eYou have opened your own Ender chest."
    playtimeown: "&eYour playtime is: &b&l{0}"
    playtimeother: "&b&l{0}&e's playtime is: &b&l{1}"
    openinvmessage: "&eYou have opened &b&l{0}&e's Inventory."
    workbenchmessage: "&eYou have opened your workbench."
    craftmessage: "&eYou have opened your crafting table."
    noperm: "&cYou don't have permission to use this command."
    playerisntonline: "&cPlayer is'nt online"

    # - Motd and max players
    Motd-Line-One: "&e&lLegendCore Plugin &7v2.0"
    Motd-Line-Two: "&7Develop by &e&liproVi"
    Max-Players: 1000

    spawnset: false
    x: 0
    y: 0
    z: 0
    yaw: 0
    pitch: 0
    world: "world"

    • Added to the config access to change the permissions
    • Add administrators commands (gm, kick, ban etc)
    • Add motd change
    • Add chat format
    • Add Spawn and Setspawn command
    • Add playing time command


      • You are not allowed to redistribute or resell this plugin to anyone else.
      • You are not allowed to modify or decompile this plugin.

    if you have any problem with the plugin send me in spigot a private message i will help you with that!

    With regards, Ofek
    UHC Addons
    | LegendCore | AutoMSG
    All the copyrights reserved to iproVi // Joseph20 © Contact me via discord for any business issues: iproVi#7923
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    I love this plugin used to use it a lot of the time, but is 1.14 support planned and if so when?
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      Sorry for the delay, the plugin has been updated to the newest minecraft version 1.14.4.
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