⭐ Pueblos ⭐ - [NEW] - Claim Protection, SQLite/MySQL, Plug n' Play 1.2.1

Add members, change member permissions and change claim size on the fly!

  1. RonanCraft
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
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    Coming Soon!
    Pueblos was thought of on April 1st over a conversation of possibly making a better and more modern protection plugin. After that crazy thought, our group of 3 admins thought up some ideas on how to bring something new to the table, how about super customizable messages and seamless plug and play functionality.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    #1) How do I protect an area without the command?
    Take out the claim item (default golden_shovel) and right-click two corners to make a claim.
    #2) Why is my claim too SMALL?
    A claim MUST be larger than a 10x10 because, well, we don't see any smaller being of any use.
    #3) Why is my claim too LARGE?
    The max default is 256, this can be changed in the config file!
    #4) Players can build and destroy under claims!
    Claims have a max depth to encourage mining without dealing with claims.
    #5) I found an exploit, where do I report it!?
    - Please report all issues on our GitHub page or on Discord

    Visit the wiki on GitHub
    Help translate the plugin into more languages on GitHub

    Chat with us on Discord

    - Golden shovel to create and edit claims
    - Fast quick and easy claim editing and creation with just a couple right-clicks.
    - Instantly protect players, animals and blocks from destruction in claims.
    - Edit flags to customize player experiences within a claim.
    - Protection from pistons, TnT Cannons and entity griefing.
    - Full reload `/pueblos reload` support (unlike many other claim plugins)
    - Lightweight database calls, with large robust claim caching system.
    - Convert claims from other popular plugins to Pueblos claims! (Only offline GriefPrevention Claims are supported for now)
    - Placeholder API: Full placeholder api support on any message, as well as integrated placeholders.

    - #1 - Download Pueblos.jar. (Requires Java 11+)
    - #2 -
    Install any Soft Dependencies that you plan on using.
    - #3 - Upload all files into your "/plugins" folder.
    - #4 - Reload/Restart your server, configure, execute "/pueblos reload" and set!

    Need a server quick? Try JeekieHost


    - PlaceholderAPI - For having custom placeholders for other plugins! Or for custom gui's such as AdvancedCustomMenu or AnimatedMenu! And even use placeholders in items inside of the plugin!

    [ ] = optional < > = mandatory
    - /pueblos help - View commands you can execute
    - /pueblos list - List all claims a player has access to, and edit/view from there
    - /pueblos flags <flag> <value> - Quickly edit claim flags where you are standing
    - /pueblos create - Create a 16x16 claim around you
    - /pueblos info - View information about claim you are standing in
    - /pueblos request - Show a list of claims you can request to join
    - /pueblos reload - Reload databases, language and menu files.
    - /pueblos adminclaim - Toggle claim modes to create an admin claim
    - /pueblos adminoverride - Toggle being able to edit it players claims
    - /pueblos convert <plugin> - Convert Grief Prevention claims to Pueblos claims
    - /pueblos item -
    Get the claim protection item

    - pueblos.* - All permissions below
    - pueblos.use (default) - Use the `/pueblos` command, and claim item
    - pueblos.reload - Use the `/pueblos reload` command
    - pueblos.update - Receive a join message notification on any updates.
    - pueblos.admin.claim - Create an admin claim by toggling claim modes (/pueblos adminclaim)
    - pueblos.admin.override - Toggle the ability to edit in any players claim.
    - pueblos.admin.convert - Ability to convert claims from one plugin to pueblos
    - pueblos.item -
    Ability to get a copy of the claim protection item


    • You may distribute this plugin as long as the download link stays on this page!
    • You may not copy this code and claim it as yours!
    • You may clone this plugin's repository for your own private use!
    Please leave a 5 Star Review if you like it! Please don't use reviews to post bugs :( Please post bugs/errors in the Discussion page! Please leave me suggestions to add on to the plugin to make it even better!

    Contribute to the project or edit it for your self here!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Faun
    Version: 1.2.1
    The plugin is really well made, the dev is nice and most of the things that I want to configure are configurable. This deserves 5 stars. I'm still not going to switch from another claiming plugin just yet, but since the dev is active on developing and improving this plugin, I think I'll switch a few weeks from now. Keep up the great work! :D
  2. Locked_key
    Version: 1.1.0
    Great work, my friend. The plugin works perfectly, and I use it for my own server. Even the players on my server love it!