⭐ TrollingFreedom ⭐ | Troll Plugin with GUI 2.2.6

TrollingFreedom | Many ultimate unique & funny trolls in a GUI | NEW COFFIN DANCE + CREEPER AW MAN

  1. TrollingFreedom 2.2.6 | High jump troll + bug fixes

    This version of TrollingFreedom (2.2.6) adds
    * High jump troll
    * Implementing further bug fixes that were reported to me on discord
  2. More bug fixes and new entity nearby kill troll

    This version of TrollingFreedom (2.2.5) contains more bug fixes and a new troll.

    * Kill nearby entities troll - kills all entities nearby your troll target in a 10 block radius

    * Fixed several GUI bugs that involved naming, lores, etc
    * Fixed chicken troll
    * Fixed possible error with herobrine troll
    * Helmet slot should no longer be removed on untroll
  3. Random particle walk troll and major bug fix

    This version of TrollingFreedom (2.2.4) is more of a bug fix version but there is a new troll
    * Random particle walk troll

    Bug fixes:
    * /untroll (or clicking untroll) will no longer remove your helmet
    * Random inv troll bug fix
    * Rick roll troll bug fix
    * More bug fixes I forgot about
  4. TrollingFreedom 2.2.3 | Random Inventory troll + Rick roll troll

    This version of TrollingFreedom (2.2.3) adds
    * Random Inventory troll
    * Rick roll troll
    * A few bug fixes
  5. TrollingFreedom 2.2.2 | Fake lag troll, fake reload troll, explosive sheep troll, exploding chicken

    TrollingFreedom 2.2.2 adds
    * Fake lag troll
    * Fake reload troll
    * Exploding chicken troll
    * Explosive sheep troll

    * Annoy troll bug fix
    * Several bug fixes that I don't remember that will improve your fun with the plugin
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  6. Trolling Freedom 2.2.1 | Sneak destroy troll, instant tool break, entity kill duplicate, bed explode

    This version 2.2.1 of TrollingFreedom adds

    * Sneak destroy block troll
    * Instant tool break troll
    * Entity duplicate on kill troll
    * Bed explosion troll
    * Other changes I forgot about

    I am out of troll ideas once again so please suggest some
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  7. TrollingFreedom 2.2 | 5 new trolls + new configurable messages + improved GUI & second page

    A new update has been released
    This version 2.2 of TrollingFreedom adds
    * Flash screen troll
    * TNT place troll
    * Rain items troll
    * Aquaphobia troll
    * Slippery hands troll
    * Lock inventory troll

    * Coffin dance pallbearers now wear black shirts instead of normal leather
    * Second GUI page
    * /UnTroll command - Stop trolls without going into the GUI
  8. Ghast scream troll, hide all players troll, flash screen troll, improvements, bug fixes and 1.16.3

    This version (2.1.7) of TrollingFreedom adds:

    * Ghast Scream troll
    * Hide all players troll
    * Flash screen troll

    * Other troll improvements
    * Bug fixes
    * 1.16.3 support
    * Changed some update plugin messages
  9. New lightning troll and teleport all troll

    This version, 2.1.6 adds
    * Lightning troll - which strikes the victim every time they walk
    * Teleport All - Teleports every player on the server to your victim
    * Updated Citizens API (don't need to worry about this as a server owner, just use the latest citizens for 1.16)
  10. Added random tp troll, removed a config line and fixed bugs that may have occurred in some trolls

    This version of TrollingFreedom adds

    * Random TP troll
    * Removed line from troll chat spam that may have been offensive to some people, i sorry ;(
    * Fixed some bugs that may have occurred in trolls that require heads
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