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Adding more stuff to your UHC server

  1. Joseph20
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    adding more stuff to your UHC server.
    1. Download the plugin.
    2. Drag and drop it in to your 'plugins' folder.
    3. Download 'Vault' and add it to the server - Link
    3. Restart the server.
    4. Change waht you want in the 'config.cfg'
    5. Reload the plugin and you done!

    • When you mine a block the ore is transformed directly (need permission).
    • When you kill a animal the food drops cooked
    • Enable / Disable the plugin form the server
    • Light weight
    • Reload the config from the server
    • Ultra Apple with editable effects in the 'config.cfg'
    • Allow you to add more hearts to the players
    • If vault option is allowed, when player kill a player it will give him amount of money (change in the config.cfg, deafult is 15$)
    • If vault option is allowed, when player get money for killing enemy it will send a log in the logs of the server to avoid spawnkilling
    • When you kill a enemy the killer will earn 1 lvl of exp
    • When you kill player you have 10% chance to get his head the other 90% will drop a golden apple.
    • Dragon Sword NEW

    reload - reload the config. (permission: uhcaddon.admin)
    /UHCAddon version - check your plugin version.
    /UHCAddon on - enable the plugin. (permission: uhcaddon.admin)
    /UHCAddon off - disable the plugin. (permission: uhcaddon.admin)
    /UHCAddon status - check the status of the plugin (enable / disable). (permission: uhcaddon.admin)



    - allow the player to use the admin commands in /UHCAddon.
    uhcaddon.ironore.use - get the iron ingot instead of ore.
    uhcaddon.goldore.use - get the gold ingot instead of ore.
    uhcaddon.diamondore.use - give 2 diamonds instead of one.
    uhcaddon.coalore.use - give torch instead of coal.
    uhcaddon.sand.use - give glass instead of sand.
    uhcaddon.hearts.one - add 2.5 more hearts.
    uhcaddon.hearts.two - add 5 more hearts.
    uhcaddon.hearts.three - add 7.5 more hearts.
    uhcaddon.hearts.four - add 10 more hearts.
    uhcaddon.hearts.more - add more hearts from the option in the 'config.cfg'
    uhcaddon.dragonsword - when player kill with the dragon sword and he have the permission it will upgrade the sword.

    Ultra Apple:
    When you kill a player you have 10% chance to get the player head.
    if you get the head you can craft Ultra Apple by this recipe:



    Dragon Sword:
    Players in the game have the ability to craft the sword by this recipe

    when player use this sword and he have the correct permission the sword will upgrade till level 5, every kill will upgrade the sword by 1 level (Sharpness Enchant).​

    With regards, Ofek
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