⭐LevelledMobs⭐ A simple drag n' drop solution for mob difficulty! 1.20-RELEASE

Vanilla mobs are too easy! Assigns mobs levels, which represents their speed, health and strength.

  1. lokka30
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    lokka30, JavaFactory, iCodinqs, Eyrian
    Languages Supported:
    English - partly translatable.


    A simple drag n' drop solution for mob difficulty.

    I and a few others were looking for a plugin like this, but couldn't
    find one, so I made it! I hope you'll be interested in it, as a handful of people have told me they've appreciated the difference it made to their PvE experience.

    My most downloaded resource so far, and most frequently updated. It's also in the RELEASE stage now, as I believe I've patched a majority of bugs and it might even be ready for established production servers!

    Quick Links

    Plugin Overview
    LevelledMobs is a SpigotMC plugin designed to assign random levels to mob spawning. The level will determine how fast it moves, how strong its attacks are, and its maximum health.

    For reference, Level 0 creatures have the default values, but Level 10 have the maximum values.
    LevelledMobs is designed for SpigotMC and PaperMC version 1.15.x.
    It could work 1.14.x or even 1.13.x, but they’re not tested. Other versions than what's supported may have compatibility issues, and support will not be provided for platforms other than what it is designed to run on. Try it on a test server if you really want to run it on an older version or production server :)

    Check out the metrics!
    Check out these brilliant metrics made by users who opt-in with bStats! (big cheers to them)

    Excellent compatibility with PhantomCombat!
    LevelledMobs has excellent compatibility with my other free plugin, PhantomCombat. I recommend you pair the two to create an amazing PvP and PvE system on your server. I've also got another plugin you might want to check out, PhantomEconomy!

    Note on compatibility and un-installation.
    This plugin doesn't work with /killall mobs. I've added a solution in update 1.14-SNAPSHOT: /levelledmobs killall [world]. It kills all the mobs which are allowed to be levelled in the current or specified world. You could do /killall named, but this would cause issues with holograms, pets, and passive entities.
    You can't reverse the actions that the plugin has taken towards mobs that have been spawned since its installation. To remove all levelled mobs, please use /gamerule doMobSpawning false in all your worlds, then use /levelledmobs killall in all your worlds. Stop your server, remove the LevelledMobs.jar file, start the server up again and do /gamerule doMobSpawning true in all your worlds.
    I apologise for the inconvenience - I can't do anything about it.

    Note on new installations.
    The plugin only levels newly spawned mobs! Mobs currently in your server won't be affected. If you want them all to be levelled, you need to kill them. Make sure killing all mobs on your server won't harm anything - if it won't, then give /levelledmobs killall [world] a shot.

    Thanks to the included file management library, the file system is simple yet advanced in the back-end! LevelledMobs aims to allow server owners to adjust various settings, unlocking its potential. Are the default multipliers too low or high? Not to worry - it's right there in the settings file.
    • The configuration files update automatically, so there's no fuss about manually reloading them.
    • They load extremely quick.
    • Most values, if not all, have a default value set inside the code as a backup if your file is outdated or not working properly.
    A video will come eventually, but here's an image of something your players will fear after installing this plugin...
    Yeah.. a level 10 baby zombie. Strong and speedy. An annoyance itself to get a glimpse of the hitbox.

    Other Information.
    You might want to know that this plugin:
    • is open source on GitHub, feel free to browse or contribute.
      • Those who contribute are usually added to the contributors list on the top of the page :)
    • has a toggle-able update checker. you'll know when the latest update gets shipped.
    • uses the LightningStorage library to manage its files. Massive thanks to those guys behind it.
    • uses bStats to collect anonymous metrics. it can be disabled through the bStats config under /plugins/bStats/. metrics keep me motivated to keep pumping releases, and are extremely lightweight on your server - i'd be happy if you left them on!
    • is licensed under Apache 2.0.
    Contact the Author.
    Discord: lokka30#6659
    If you need me urgently, Discord is the first place to go. It's always running on my computer, but it's harder to communicate issues or feature requests there.

    Got an issue or feature request?
    Post it to the GitHub issues page, or via Spigot private message, or my Discord. I prefer GitHub but no worries if you can't. ☺

    Got a question, kind words or anything else you need to talk about?
    Send me a PM on Spigot or Discord.

    • lokka30: plugin author and developer
    • JavaFactory: for creating the LightningStorage library, massive thanks to them.
    • iCodinqs (Shay Punter): decent code contribution in the plugin's early days.
    • The GitHub contributors. They're listed on the top of the page next to 'Contributors'.
    • Bug reporters and feature requesters: for informing me of ways to improve the plugin.

    So, you've almost made it to the reviews...
    What will you rate?
    • 5 stars? Thank you so much! It'll keep me motivated. I'm glad you are enjoying the plugin.
    • Less than 5 stars? I'm sorry that the plugin didn't tick all the boxes. If you could outline all the reasons why you did and didn't like the plugin, it would allow me to try change that.
    • Nothing? That's fine. If you rate the plugin, it informs me (and other users) if the plugin has suited you well or less.

    Do not ask for support in the reviews!
    Not only is this section designed for reviews, but it's a horrible place for communication. users usually knock off stars, affecting the plugin’s reputation doing so, thus deterring other users from installing it.
    I’ve put this here as for the little time I’ve been in this community, I’ve seen resources trashed by users who are simply ignorant.

    If you decide to ignore this, I'll stop giving you my free support for the plugin.
    It only takes a few seconds to send me a PM, and I've tried to offer as many places as I can to allow you to.
    Thank you very much for understanding.

Recent Reviews

  1. over_brave
    Version: 1.16-RELEASE
    A good developer who does his job really neatly carefully. I believe it will come to better places.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the review man, much appreciated!
  2. blaukat
    Version: 1.13-SNAPSHOT
    Great plugin, the default configuration makes mobs super fast at level 10 and having to change that every time the config resets can get annoying.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Have you found a suitable multiplier for movement speed? I'm happy to put yours in.

      Also, I apologise for the frequent config changes - currently the plugin's in snapshot stage (soon to be in release stage!) which means that I'm actively making changes and bug fixes. There are a few plugins which I use that frequently change the config too and I exactly understand how annoying it is.

      Thanks for the review :)
  3. Rather_Smashing
    Version: 1.12-SNAPSHOT
    Mobs are actually dangerous again!!!
    Also brilliant work on the part of the dev fixing the max health issue so quickly
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thanks you very much for the kind words, 5 stars and reporting the issue! Best of luck with your server.
  4. Yandex
    Version: 1.8-SNAPSHOT
    A good plugin for a snapshot version, I look forward to future releases.

    I will edit my review in the future when more content has been added to the plugin. Keep up the good work!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the words! If you have any more suggestions, please forward them to me!