⭐LevelledMobs⭐ A simple drag n' drop solution for mob difficulty! 1.27

Vanilla mobs are too easy! Assigns mobs levels, which represents their speed, health and strength.

  1. 1.13-SNAPSHOT | Features and bugfixes

    LevelledMobs Updated!
    ♦ Update Note
    Hey, fixed a bunch of bugs and added in a few features.

    5-star reviews are what keep me pumping updates for the resource! If you're enjoying LevelledMobs, please leave some kind words below, I'd really appreciate it!

    ♦ Notable Changes [5]
    1. [issue #20] fixed incompatibility with PhantomCombat (reported by SpigotMC @blaukat)
    2. [issue #18] added /levelmobs killall [world], allowing admins to butcher levelled mobs (as /killall didn't work)
    3. [issue #18] added permission 'levelledmobs.killall' to access the new command
    4. You can now edit the default mob damage as the vanilla mob damage is pretty low
    5. [issue #19] Custom multipliers now work properly
    ♦ File Changes [1]
    1. settings.yml needs to be reset! the latest file is included at the bottom of this update's post.
    ♦ Other Changes [3]
    1. done a bit of code cleanup
    2. [issue #20] relocated shaded libraries in pom.xml for storage and stats, providing better compatibility with other plugins
    3. underscores in settings.yml replaced with dashes to keep consistency. failing to replace these will result in your config not working properly, so make sure you reset it!
    ♦ Issues, feature requests or questions?
    Feel free to:
    • send me a PM on Discord (lokka30#6659),
    • send me a PM on SpigotMC,
    • or send me a message in the Discussion tab.
    Remember, do not post issues in the reviews! It's hard for me to communicate there and people usually wipe stars off without a reason.

    ♦ New settings.yml
    I can't post it here because Spigot keeps putting formatting into my code blocks, so here's a hastebin link.

    Edit 1: fixed support links.
    Edit 2: fixed settings file containing formatting somehow
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