⭐LevelledMobs⭐ A simple drag n' drop solution for mob difficulty! 1.27

Vanilla mobs are too easy! Assigns mobs levels, which represents their speed, health and strength.

  1. 1.10-SNAPSHOT | EntityType Blacklist, Wiki, 1.15.2.

    LevelledMobs Updated!
    Hi! I've set up the LM Wiki, where I will document how to use the plugin.

    Thanks to two people over Discord, I've got 3 things to add in the upcoming versions! You can check out what's coming in the future at the GitHub issues page.
    If you're enjoying the plugin, please leave a review!
    notable changes
    • [issue #1] added entity type blacklisting, which will stop certain mob types from being levelled, such as withers and ender dragons.
    • [issue #6] created the LevelledMobs wiki, which will be expanded upon as the plugin updates.
    file changes [1]
    • settings.yml [now version 7] [view new file below]
    other changes
    • compiled against Spigot 1.15.2.
    • minute changes to the settings.yml file.
    the new settings.yml:
    Code (Text):
    #Thank you for installing LevelledMobs! ::: If you have any issues or questions, send them to GitHub or my PMs, NOT the reviews. I will cease support with anyone who uses reviews for that.[/I]
    #Creature nametags
    creature-nametag: '&8[&7Level %level%&8 | &f%name%&8]'

    #Blacklisted types
      - 'VILLAGER'
      - 'ENDER_DRAGON'
      - 'WITHER'
      - 'RAVAGER'

    #Fine-tuning. You probably don't need to change the values in this cluster.
    min-level: 0
    max-level: 10
    #For each level, these values are added to a mob. The default have been tried and tested, but you're free to change it.
    movement_speed: 0.02
    max_health: 1.0
    attack_damage: 1.7

    #Should the plugin check for updates at the SpigotMC page?
    updater: true

    #You shouldn't change this integer. LevelledMobs uses it to determine if your file is outdated.
    file-version: 7

    Thanks! Have a great day.
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