⭐LevelledMobs⭐ A simple drag n' drop solution for mob difficulty! 1.27

Vanilla mobs are too easy! Assigns mobs levels, which represents their speed, health and strength.

  1. 1.12-SNAPSHOT | A simple bug fix!

    LevelledMobs Updated!
    Update Note
    Hi! I thought I had patched a bug on the previous update, but two users reported on GitHub that the entity's health wasn't set to their max health, effectively making the max health increase useless.
    I haven't tested this update but I doubt it wouldn't work.
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    ♦ Notable Changes [1]
    • [issue #15] Mobs now spawn with their health set to their max health, not the old max health [lokka30]
    File Changes [0]
    • No file changes this time! Simply replace the old jar file with the new :) Too easy.
    Other Changes [0]
    • No other changes.

    By the way - if you need quick support, Discord is the way to go. But things are always more organised on GitHub.

    Urgent bug = contact me on Discord: lokka30#6659.
    Far quicker responses as it loads when my computer starts up.

    Minor bug = create an issue on GitHub.
    Very organised, easier for me to resolve the issues. Slower responses.

    That's it. Thanks for using LevelledMobs!
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