⭕ Staff Core ⭕ | StaffMode ✅, Vanish ✅, Scoreboard ✅, and More! 1.0-BETA

Core plugin for staff commands and features.

  1. elijuh
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Staff Core

    Including features like...

    StaffMode with staff tools:
    Custom invsee:
    Vanish nametag prefix:
    Staff GUI exclusively for staff:
    Staff Chat:
    Scoreboard with customizable colors:
    scoreboard_gold.png scoreboard_aqua.png
    scoreboard_red.png scoreboard_green.png

    Code (Text):

      #messages sent to the frozen player.
      teamspeak: "ts.example.com"
      unfreeze-message: '&aYou have been unfrozen by a staff member.'

      staff-freeze-message: '&cYou have frozen %player%.'
      staff-unfreeze-message: '&aYou have unfrozen %player%.'

      #message sent to a staff when they try to freeze another staff.
      exempt: '&cYou cannot freeze that player.'

    #allow staff with the permission 'staffmode.inventory' to edit their inventory.
    #meaning they can also use the creative inventory.
    allow-inventory-use: true
    #should staff with the permission 'staffmode.interactblocks' be able
    #to break/place blocks in mod mode?
    interact-blocks-in-mod: false

    #disable this if you use another plugin for scoreboard.
    use-scoreboard: true
    #disable this if you use another plugin for nametags.
    use-vanish-prefix: true

      item-names: '%displayname%'

    vanish-message: '&fYou have %toggle% &fyour &3vanish'
    mod-message: '&fYou have %toggle% &fyour &3mod mode'
    staff-chat-message: '&fYou have %toggle% &fyour &3staff chat'
    scoreboard-message: '&fYou have %toggle% &fyour &3scoreboard'

    #prefix for easy staff chat. example, sending '#testing' would send 'testing' in staff chat
    staffchat-prefix: '#'

      title: '&b&lExample&3&lMC &7| &fHCF'
      ip: '&7example.com'
      main-color: 'DARK_AQUA'
      second-color: 'AQUA'

      #set slot to 0 to disable the item.
        slot: 1
        name: "&3Phase Compass"
        lore: "&7WorldEdit's navigation tool, right click to phase."

        slot: 2
        name: "&3Examine Player"
        lore: "&7Right click a player to inspect their inventory."

        #if this item is enabled, if the player doesn't have permission to freeze
        #the slot will be replaced with the carpet.
        #only works if carpet is also enabled.
        replace-with-carpet-if-no-perm: true
        slot: 0
        name: "&3Freeze Player"
        lore: "&7Right click a player to freeze/unfreeze them."

        #if the replace-carpet is enabled and freeze item is enabled,
        #if the player doesn't have freeze permission the carpet will be put in the slot of the freeze item.
        slot: 3
        name: "&3Better Looking"
        lore: "&7Hold this so you don't see your hand."

        slot: 8
        name: "&3Online Staff"
        lore: "&7Right click to open the Staff GUI."

        slot: 9
        vanish-name: "&3Become Invisible"
        vanish-lore: "&7Right click to toggle vanish."
        unvanish-name: "&3Become Visible"
        unvanish-lore: "&7Right click to toggle vanish."


    scoreboard/nametag features are not compatible
    with other scoreboard/nametag plugins.

    if you use another plugin for scoreboard/nametag, please disable
    the feature through the config.yml


    If you need anything changed/added
    contact me on discord @elijah#0777
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  2. 1.1-DEV update.

Recent Reviews

  1. Gonzaa_DEV
    Version: 1.0-BETA
    Good plugin, I'm using it on my server and I like it, I would like you to add an option to deactivate staff chat
    1. elijuh
      Author's Response
      dm me on discord @elijah#0777 and I will make a custom version for you without a staff chat. Thanks for the feedback btw!
  2. Adrian0w0
    Version: 1.1-DEV
    Very good plugin!

    Do you plan to add support for higher versions (1.16.X) in the future?
    1. elijuh
      Author's Response
      Possibly, takes a lot of effort tho and it's not really worth it atm.