【BossBarHealth】- Best RPG Health Bar on Spigot ! 4.1.6-SNAPSHOT

Didn't find a plugin that shows health on boss bar? This is it!

  1. Full release, complete recode

    Change log
    - Full release (yay~)
    - Completely recoded
    - Added permission to execute commands
    - Added format for HP lost/gain of self & enemy's HealthBar
    - Added option for how long the HP lost/gain of self & enemy will last for
    - Added option for enemy's HealthBar overrides self HealthBar
    - Fixed sometimes HP changing not triggering HealthBar to change

    ***Due to config structure changes, you are strongly advised to delete the old config.yml and generate a new one. Otherwise, it might cause errors. No support will be given if using the old config file.***
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