【ChatManager 448 [Skript]】- Admin Commands | GUI | Easier Customizable | More Features | 1.3.1 Release

Fully Customizable System to properly control the Chat System! Supports 1.8-1.16 [High Quality]

  1. Theindo448
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    English (Default)

    ChatManager448 [Skript] is a chat system that will manage chats automatically. This system can be set freely. And also this script is perfect for your server who is in need. The features contained in this script have adjusted to the state of your server. This system uses a GUI to manage this script to make it easier

    The ChatDefender is a protective tool to keep the chats safe in use.

    The AntiBadword feature can make it possible to block banned words. But keep in mind, this system is quite sensitive, so you have to think about it before you put the word on the Black List.

    The Anti-Advertise system works in the same way as Anti-Badword. Only, he detects the player when the player is promoting on your server.

    Clearchat is quite useful for your server who doesn't want your chatter to be more messy. This system works as a Chat Cleaner

    Chatmute is used to regulate the use of global chat. This system works to open or close global chat.

    Antispam system. This feature is really needed for your server who often gets spam messages. Cooldown time can be set via AntiSpam GUI. You can adjust the cooldown time on Anti Spam by adjusting the situation on your server.

    Block Commands. Features that can block players from using a command. The way it works is to replace the result message using the command with the message set in this script. You can replace it with your own message.

    CommandSpy. Feature that can detect when a player uses a command. You can add a whitelist command to avoid detecting a command from Command Spy

    Command Cooldown. This feature is the latest feature since version 1.2.0-[Beta]. The way this system works is to provide cooldown time when someone uses one of the commands. Cooldown time is the same as the Anti Spam system, so you can change it easily.

    Mentions Player. This feature has been appeared since version 1.2.3 Release. The way it works is, when there is a player who wants to call other players, then this system will give notification to the intended player.

    (Last Edited on 25 May 2021)


    > ChatDefender (Including):
    - Anti Badwords
    - Anti Advertise
    - Anti Spam
    - Block Commands
    - CommandSpy
    - Command Cooldown

    > Utilities Features:
    - Admin Commands
    - Global Chat Toggle
    - Clearchat

    - Update Notification
    - System Type (Block / Censored)
    - Player Mentions
    - Protection Level (Normal/Strict New!)

    > Additional Features:
    - Easier Customizable Messages
    - Easier Customizable Setup Mode

    - GUI Mode
    - Reset System
    - Supported for Console
    - Supports 1.8x
    - Debug Mode

    - Log system


    For 1.9+ Server:
    - Skript [Mininum: 2.4.1+]
    - SkQuery [Minimum: 4.1.2+]

    For 1.8 Server:
    - Skript
    - SkQueryLime


    GUI Menu

    System Configuration

    Settings (The example of AntiBadword Settings is the same as the others)


    Update Configuration
    System Toggle Message (The example of AntiBadword Messages is the same as the others)

    List of All Systems

    Reload Skript Message

    Clearchat (The Notifications have been activated to the public. For Default, the notification is turned off)

    Reset All Variables Message (Including Reset All Settings Message)

    System Toggle Message [For Console]


    - /chatmanager - Open the GUI
    - /chatmanager help
    - /chatmanager about
    - /chatmanager config <system>
    - /chatmanager reload
    - /chatmanager update


    Code (Text):
    - chatmanager.bypass.* - Player can use all system and bypassed from this skript
    - chatmanager.bypass - Bypassed from all System
    - chatmanager.bypass.cmdspy - Bypassed from CommandSpy
    - chatmanager.bypass.antispam - Bypassed from AntiSpam
    - chatmanager.bypass.antibadword - Bypassed from AntiBadword
    - chatmanager.bypass.antiadv - Bypassed from AntiAdvertise
    - chatmanager.bypass.blockcmd - Bypassed from BlockCommand
    - chatmanager.bypass.commandcooldown - Bypassed from CommandCooldown
    - chatmanager.admin - Player can use all commands from this skript
    - chatmanager.loop.* - The Player will get all messages from the system
    - chatmanager.loop.cmdspy - Get Message from CommandSpy system
    - chatmanager.loop.badword - Get Message from AntiBadword system
    - chatmanager.loop.update - Get Message from Update system
    - chatmanager.loop.adv - Get Message from AntiAdvertise system
    - chatmanager.loop.antispam - Get Message from AntiSpam system
    - chatmanager.loop.blockcmd - Get Message from BlockCommand system
    - chatmanager.loop.commandcooldown - Get Message from CommandCooldown system

    - Fully Customizable Blacklist Words and Commands (1.0.0+)
    - Supports 1.8x (1.1.0-[Beta]+)
    - Optimize the GUI (1.1.1-[Beta] +)
    - Censored Feature (Anti Badword & Anti Advertise additional) (1.1.2-[Beta]+)
    - Easier Customizable Cooldown Time (1.1.3+)

    Give suggestions about this skript in the discussion so that scripts become better :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. ItzMeLegendHDYT
    Version: 1.3.1 Release
    Great skript but is there anyway you can add a "hover chat" when you hover over a player's rank or name to show certain placeholders if you can make placeholders supportive..
  2. FullyRaw
    Version: 1.3.1 Release
    Insane Skript!

    Is there a way we can talk on Discord for some business?
    You can add me: Tepoloco#8624
    1. Theindo448
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the reviews!
      I will talk if there is a chance to chat.. (And i need to learn more about English)
  3. CubedFox
    Version: 1.3.0-[Beta]
    This "plugin" is absolutely insane, it has everything you need to moderate chat & such. The reason for my 4-star is because you can always do better than you're at now, good luck in the future!
    1. Theindo448
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!

      So I did some really original updates so that my script users are quite satisfied (Maybe there aren't any yet).
  4. Adzka
    Version: 1.1.0-[Beta]
    Great Update! Finally I can use this script for my 1.8 server. Thank you for the update!
  5. FaiqGanteng1234
    Version: 1.1.0-[Beta]
    Good skript Thanks for adding this features!, but i think, next time remove alert command <3
  6. Fabio123
    Version: Beta VI [Beta 6.0]
    nice skript .. 4-star rating because the spigot page is a bit bad, but the skript is done well.
    1. Theindo448
      Author's Response
      Updated spigot page
  7. Adzka
    Version: Beta 4.0
    Owh, Thanks for adding features! I will be following you now! :D
    Nice the skript plugin!
  8. Adzka
    Version: Beta 1.2 (All Fixed)
    Please can you add Anti Spam or Anti Command when player has not have permissions? I love this :)