【ChatManager 448 [Skript]】- Admin Commands | GUI | Easier Customizable | More Features | 1.3.1 Release

Fully Customizable System to properly control the Chat System! Supports 1.8-1.16 [High Quality]

  1. 1.3.0-[Beta]: Fixed several Hidden bugs *again + New Features

    • Added 'Protection Level' (Only For AntiBadwords & AntiAdvertise)
    • Added 'Strict' level (From Protection Level)
      **Fyi: 'Strict' is a new level of security that will detect messages aggressively
    • Added several Customizable Message (This update is for the prefix of the Log message)
    • Fixed Bug "Command Detection" (cmdspy, blockcmd, & cmdcooldown Bug)
    • Fixed Bug "Detection on AntiBadword & AntiAdvertise"
    • Fixed Bug "Debug System will detect executed commands from console"
    • Optimized Command Detection
    Thank you so much for 1,000 Downloads! :D
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