【ChatManager 448 [Skript]】- Admin Commands | GUI | Easier Customizable | More Features | 1.3.1 Release

Fully Customizable System to properly control the Chat System! Supports 1.8-1.16 [High Quality]

  1. 1.3.1: Increased security in "Strict" Mode

    • "Strict" mode can detect players when using a command (Usually this system detects the msg command) [This update will make "Strict" mode to more aggressively].
      **This additional system won't work If a system use Type Censored**
      *I recommend using the...
  2. 1.3.0-[Beta]: Fixed several Hidden bugs *again + New Features

    • Added 'Protection Level' (Only For AntiBadwords & AntiAdvertise)
    • Added 'Strict' level (From Protection Level)
      **Fyi: 'Strict' is a new level of security that will detect messages aggressively
    • Added several Customizable Message (This update is for the prefix of the Log message)
    • Fixed Bug "Command Detection" (cmdspy,...
  3. Some hidden bugs have been fixed

    • Added "Log System" [Beta].
      The way the system works is "If someone violates the rules in the chat (e.g. Using prohibited words), then the player's violation evidence will be stored in plugins/Skript/logs/chatmanager448/VL-CM448.log"

    • Added several customizable message
    • Optimized variables that slow down server performance.
    • Changed some messages.
    • Fixed some bug on...
  4. 1.2.3: System Setup Update

    • Added Mentions
    • Added one Customizable Message
    • Redesigned message output on "List" ---[ For Console ]---
    • Fixed Uncommonly Bug on Setup System [This bug has appeared since 1.0.0 Release]
    Thank you for downloading my skript :)
  5. 1.2.2-[Beta]: Patched Bug

    Just fixed Bug on CommandSpy & CommandCooldown (This bug was found when using Skript 2.4.1)

    Thank you for downloading my skript :)
  6. 1.2.1-[Beta]: Component Update #2

    • Added Debug Mode! [Beta]
    • Added several commands for Console
    • Added New Permission "chatmanager.bypass.chatmute" and "chatmanager.bypass"
    • Now Command Cooldown can be used properly!
    • Redesigned message output on "List"
    • Bug Permission from the System Console has been patched
    Thank you for downloading my skript :)
  7. 1.2.0-[Beta]: Patched Uncommonly Bug

    • Added Command Cooldown Features! [Beta]
    • Added new Permissions!
      - chatmanager.bypass.commandcooldown
      - chatmanager.loop.commandcooldown
    • Fixed bug Permissions (Uncommonly Bug) []
    • Fixed a bug adding duplicate commands (CommandSpy & BlockCommand glitch)
    • Improvement Code in "Reset System"
    • Improvement Code in Setup Mode...
  8. 1.1.3: Enhanced Anti Spam system!

    • Added New Settings (GUI Mode) for AntiSpam
    • Added several customizable messages.
    • Changed Some Messages
    • Upgrading the Anti Spam system to be more easier customizable (Fully Customizable Cooldown Time for Anti Spam) [Default is 3 seconds]. You can change cooldown time easily!
    • Improvement code in settings
  9. 1.1.2-[Beta]: Added New Features! + Fix bugs for version 1.13.2-1.15.2

    • Added Censored Features (Additional Feature). This system will replace the Blocking feature if you use this new feature. The way it works is the same, only a few words that are blacklisted will be censored automatically.
    • Edited some Messages on GUI
    • Changed "Rose Red" > "Redstone Block" (Due to an error in version 1.13+)
    Since this update, The...
  10. 1.1.1-[Beta]: Component Updates + Redesigned GUI

    • TuSke is no longer used as a dependency for this skript!
    • Changed Commands on Console ( /cm config checkupdate >>> /cm update )
    • Changed Some Messages
    • Changed a Permission ( chatmanager.admin.* >>> chatmanager.admin )
    • Optimized & remake GUI
    • Removed Alert & StaffAlert Features (Due to the reason of incompatibility between features and types of...