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【1.8 - 1.12】【Placeholders | Multi-Config | ActionBar | Commands 】

  1. fagida
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Custom announcement messages!
    Custom Join and Quit message!
    Custom message of the day!
    Disable or enable chat!
    Can clearchat!
    Commands to change everything dynamically!
    Can use & for color!
    Plugin is small and very customize!

    Vault softdepend!

    Placeholders -> {player} {max_players} {online_players} {player_health} {player_maxhealth} {player_food} {player_maxfood} {player_level} {player_ipadress} {player_uuid} {line_up} {line_down}{player_worldtime}{player_alltimeplay} {random_player} {player_uuid} {player_money}

    '/ann' Plugin description! - NO PERMISSION
    '/ann add "Message" ' Add messages to Announcer! - announcer.add
    '/ann delete "Number of message" ' Delete Message from Announcer! - announcer.delete
    '/ann interval "Seconds" ' Change interval to announcment - announcer.moderate
    '/ann help' Help menu for commands! - NO PERMISSION
    '/ann broadcast or say "Message" 'Broadcast message once! - announcer.broadcast
    '/ann list' List of all messages! - announcer.moderate
    '/ann prefix "Prefix" ' Change prefix - announcer.moderate
    '/ann actionbar [true/false]' Where announcment to send messages! - announcer.moderate
    '/ann chat [true/false]' Where announcment to send messages!! - announcer.moderate
    '/ann random [true/false]' Randomize announcment messages! - announcer.moderate
    '/ann reload' Reload configuration files. - announcer.moderate
    '/ann enable [true/false]' Enable or Disable announcment! - announcer.moderat
    announcer.* - Give permmision for all features of plugin!
    announcer.receiver - Need for recive a message from announcer!

    Message of the Day:

    '/motd' Plugin description! - NO PERMISSION
    '/motd list' List of all messages! - motd.moderate
    add "Message" ' Add messages to MOTD! - motd.add
    '/motd delete "Number of message" ' Delete Message from MOTD! - motd.delete
    '/motd enable [true/false]' Enable or Disable MOTD! - motd.moderate

    '/motd title [true/false]' Enable MOTD in Title - motd.moderate
    '/motd chat [true/false]' Enable MOTD in Chat - motd.moderate
    '/motd reload' - Reload configuration files. motd.moderate
    Clear Chat:
    '/cc' Clean chat from all messages! - coremessages.clearchat
    aliases - clearchat
    'chat status [true/false] Enable or disable chat!' coremessages.chat.admin
    'chat disable "Message"' Edit disable message! coremessages.chat.admin
    'chat change "Message" Edit change message! coremessages.chat.admin
    coremessages.chat.bypass - Permission to bypass disabled chat!

    # CoreMessages
    # by Noahyup
    Enabled: true #Enable announcer to work!
    SendInChat: true #Announcer announcing messages in chat!
    SendInActionBar: true #Announcer announcing messages in ActionBar!
    Random: false #Announcer send random messages!
    Interval: 120 #Interval to send message in (seconds)
    Enabled: true #Enabled MOTD to Work!
    SendInTitle: true #On join send title message!
    SendInChat: true #On join send in chat MOTD
    fadeIn: 10 #Title in show message for 0.5s -- 20 = 1sec
    fadeOut: 10 #Title out message for 0.5s -- 20 = 1sec
    stay: 50 #Title stay 2.5 seconds! -- 20 = 1sec
    Join: true #If you don't need this messages!
    Quit: true #If you don't need this messages!
    # CoreMessages
    # by Noahyup
    # Placeholders:
    # {player} {max_players} {online_players} {line_up}
    # {line_down} {player_health} {player_maxhealth}
    # {player_food} {player_maxfood} {player_level}
    # {player_ipadress} {player_uuid}
    noPerm: '&c&lYou don''t have permission to that command!'
    noUser: '&c&lOnly players are allowed to use that command!'
    Prefix: '&e&lAnnouncer&7>> '
    - "&aHello {player},"
    - "Use /announcer help to get info how to config this plugin."
    - "Created by Noahyup"
    Main: "&e&lWelcome &f&lto &e&lserver"
    SubTitle: "&5&l{player}"
    - "{line_up}"
    - "&e&lWelcome &9&l{player} &e&lto the &c&lCodding server"
    - "&7Your health is &a{player_health}"
    - "&7Your hunger is &a{player_food}"
    - "&7Your level is &a{player_level}"
    - "&7Your ip is &c{player_ipadress}"
    - "&e&lPlayers on server &a{online_players} &e/ &c {max_players} "
    - "{line_down}"
    Join: "&e{player} &ajoin to server with ip &3{player_ipadress}!"
    Quit: "&e{player} &cquit server!"

    Add sound on announcing
    Add sound on joining

    Clean Code!

    Give me more ideas on PM

    13.png 14.png 12.png 15.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_1.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Sn0wiiii
    Version: 1.4.3
    Plugin that have all message types I want. Would be nice if you add command to reload announcer messages.
  2. _Luu
    Version: 1.2.3
    GOOD PLUGIN! I love it. works very good. Can you add {player_money} ? keep it up! ..................
    1. fagida
      Author's Response
      Yep i can i support with vault! :)
      Thank you for the review.

      Regards, Noahyup.
  3. GelatoKnorr
    Version: 1.2.3
    The plugin is compact but fully customizable, and works like a charm. Developer is very nice! Keep it up dude, 5 stars!
    1. fagida
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. If you have any ideas what to add to the plugin can write me a private message.

      Regards , Noahyup.
  4. Andres25558
    Version: 1.2.0

    Excellent plugin, and very good developer!

    1. fagida
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the wonderful review!

      If you have an idea what I can add this plugin please contact me a private message!

      Greetings, Noahyup!
  5. Smikkel_Bakje
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good developer, nice code, VERY useful for the smaller networks.
    That's the reason of the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
    1. fagida
      Author's Response
      Thank you for review If you have idea what to add to this plugin please PM me! :)