【DragonProxy】 —— join ANY PC server using MCPE/MCWin10

Join any Minecraft Java Edition server using un-modded Pocket Edition OR Win10 Edition!

  1. DefinitlyEvil
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    DefinitlyEvil, Dragonet Development Team
    Languages Supported:
    note: offline/cracked servers are supported too!

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    ==== Still in development ====
    current client supported: Minecraft Bedrock 1.4.0
    current server supported: Minecraft Java 1.12.1 - 1.12.2
    join ALL servers including but NOT limited to:
    Spigot, BungeeCord, CraftBukkit, SpongeVanilla

    Important things to know:
    this is NOT a plugin, so you have to run like Spigot:
    java -jar dragonproxy-x.x.x.jar

    demo servers:
    NONE YET (coming soon)

    current features:
    - NO MODS needed for MC:Bedrock (MCPE/MCWin10)
    - both ONLINE/OFFLINE mode are supported
    - chat
    - chunks are loading
    - movement
    - basic block placing/breaking
    - simple chest handling
    - animals/mobs spawning
    - entity/vehicle riding/mounting

    - for players, you can use this to join other servers like Performium Network
    - for server owners, you can setup this for your players

    Official website: https://dragonet.org


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Recent Reviews

  1. Steve.Rock
    I really like this! I wish there wasn't any bugs tho, but you guys are trying. So I won't give you a bad rating for that!
  2. SamuSal
    Version: (Release 2)
    I would like to see this on MCPE 1.5.x! And maybe 1.13 Java! Thanks.
    Btw, thanks for this sharing, this is hybrid!
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I just updated the resource to support MCBE 1.5.x. And MCJE 1.13 will be a tough mission xD but they are trying to achieve it! just look forward to it! ;)
  3. LaxoLP
    Version: (Release 2)
    Really nice. I love this but I hope 1.5.0 is in development cause I read that you aren't working on it anymore.

    Very nice idea.
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      Another group of people are working on it and hopefully it will come out soon! ;)
  4. Buddelbubi
    Version: (Release 2)
    Guis not open
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      Do not post a review as a question, you know you won't get help here and I we won't help a dude who can't read.
  5. FatalPacket
    Version: (Release 2)
    Great plugin, great idea.
    And a great execution.

    There are lag spikes on the non-PC versions of course which is because of their hardware, otherwise a great plugin.
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      Thanks for testing out dude, although I am no longer working on it but I still have to thank you. ;)
  6. Domcrafter
    Version: (Release 2)
    Translated with Google translator
    1.I can not visit the website.
    2.How do you install the server software?
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      This is not the place you ask the question and you shouldn't rate like this without researching the software. What's more, you can't even read English. You can ask in the thread and successfully run the software before you set a rating. What an ignorant person.
  7. Mastef-Chief
    I find this plugin very interesting and I like that it brings together players from different versions of Minecraft.
  8. CrackedObsidian
    What a great piece of software! You know, if you ever want a demo server for it I can make one. I know a host that I can do stuff with. Me and my friends use it to play together because i don't own PE but they do! PS don't worry if you want me to do the server I can do it free. I just enjoy setting things up a programming
  9. Ricsi2456
    Its now works on my Windows 10 pc in the latest snapshot, but I always teleporting the the spawn and some chunks not generating. This is the best software. sorry for the bad English.
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      this software is under development, please follow us on Twitter: @DragonetMC
  10. kvq
    This is great resource. Having access to pc server from almost from anywhere is really cool. A lot players find that useful.
    1. DefinitlyEvil
      Author's Response
      Thank you! We are trying our best to make it better!