【Essencard】- Fancy ticket gates system, Plugin X Redstone 6.0.0

Ticket gates system. Designed for Mass transit railway servers

  1. i998979
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.13
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    A ticket gates system designed for mass transit railway servers
    Combine plugins with Redstone machines!

    For 1.12 version, please visit https://github.com/i998979/Essencard/releases

    - Stats machine lets your player check their account information
    - Free money for your players when they claim between a certain amount of time
    - Interchange gates let your players switch between different zones
    - One-Way Ticket for a single ride
    - Exit Only Ticket if your player was stuck inside the station

    [Green: Default to everyone] [Red: Default to admin]
    Essencard.Admin: Give access to admin commands
    Essencard.StaffPass: Give access to use Staff Gates

    - Any economy plugin that support Vault
    - Vault

    - Download the plugin from the "Download Now" button above
    - Download all the dependencies stated above
    - Place the plugin and the dependencies in "YourServerFolder/plugins"
    - Restart the server
    - Modify the configuration if needed

    Code (Text):
    Prefix: '&9[&bEssencard&9] &r' // Prefix of the message that the plugin send
    NextID: 10001 // Every Essencard has its id, this means what id will the next card be
    StandardFare: 3.0 // Standard fare will be charged from players per In/out process
    ClaimCD: 900 // How long does the player have to wait before they can claim free money again, in ticks
    ClaimMin: 1.0 // Randomized amount of money will be given to the player when they claim, this means the minimum money will the player get
    ClaimMax: 100.0 // Randomized amount of money will be given to the player when they claim, this means the maximum money will the player get
    Delay: 60 // How long will the machine reset to the default state, in ticks
    StatsDelay: 60 // How long will the Stats Machine switch pages, in ticks
    Players: {}
    [Essencard Stf]: Staff gate that the only player with Essencard.StaffPass can enter
    [Essencard Pay]: Gate that charge fares (line 2) in order to enter the gate
    [Essencard PNS]: Charge fares (line 2)
    [Essencard In]: Entry gate that record player's enter zone (line 2)
    [Essencard Out]: Exit gate that record player's exit zone (line 2) and deducts player's money by calculating zones travelled
    [Essencard Int]: Interchange gate that charge player's money and change zone (line 2)
    [Essencard Stat]: Shows player's stats like entry zone, exit zone, value remaining etc...
    [Essencard Cla]: Give players free money every 15 mins they use this machine

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    Q. I found bugs / console errors.
    A. Try to re-download the plugin before asking for help. I will help as much as I can if you provide enough information such as Error Logs, how to reproduce the error. Please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. Otherwise, I will ignore you.

    Q. Nothing was received after typing the command.
    A. Please make sure that you follow the format to execute the command. You might get nothing if you enter wrong command arguments. Also, please make sure that the plugin is loaded and it doesn't conflict with other plugins. You may ask for help but I can't promise I can fix the error if the error is not produced by my plugin.

    Q. Does this plugin support xxx Platform / xxx Server / xxx Minecraft version?
    A. I am sorry that I can't test my plugin on all platforms, servers, Minecraft versions. I don't have time and resources. If you are having problems with the specified Platform / Server / Minecraft version, please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. I will try my best to fix it.

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