【MyBlocks】- Place Custom Block Model in your server | *Enlighten your creativity* 0.2.1

Not satisfied on Minecraft's original blocks? You'll need this

  1. i998979
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    This plugin requires Resource Pack on Player's Client
    Wanna make really awesome buildings in your server, but not satisfied on the Minecraft's original block?
    Create your own blocks, or even transparent model, enlighten your creativity!

    This plugin basically provides a method on binding your Custom Block Model and Custom Item Model.

    For more information, please visit HERE
    Demo Pack is available HERE. The plugin's default config file is pre-made for the Demo Pack.

    - Place your MyBlocks block/model in Resource Pack
    - Maximum 160 different MyBlocks
    - Bind your Custom Block Model and Custom Item Model
    - Block Chooser GUI to pick/modify blocks easily
    - Commands being executed when interacting with the block
    - Play sound when place/break/step on/click/sneak-click the block (volume, pitch support)

    The following screenshots were shot on 1.13.2 with the Demo Pack installed.
    Demo Pack download link is available above.

    Place MyBlocks by using specified tool

    Different kind of MyBlocks, the bell on top of the fence has support structure extended to the fence

    Block Chooser GUI

    Edit Id, Block Id, Loots, or even remove it

    Customizable block loot when it breaks

    Main command: /MyBlocks, /mBlock, /mb, /mbs
    <>: Required []: Optional
    /mb create <Id> <Block Id>: Get the block Id.
    /mb getBlockid <Id>: Get the block Id.
    /mb setBlockId <Id>: Set the block Id.

    /mb getTool <Id>: Get the tool that can place specified block.
    /mb setTool <Id>: Set your held-item as tool that can place specified block.
    /mb removeTool <Id>: Set your held-item as tool that can place specified block.

    /mb getLoots <Id>: Add held item to specified block's Loot List.
    /mb addLoots <Id>: Set your held-item as tool that can place specified block.
    /mb removeLoots <Id>: Remove held item from specified block's Loot List.

    /mb gui: Show Block Chooser GUI
    /mb help: Show help page

    [Green: Default to everyone] [Red: Default to admin]
    MyBlocksLite.Admin: Give access to MyBlocks commands

    - Any ResourcePack Downloader plugin
    Force Resourcepacks[Premium]
    Resource Pack Downloader

    - Download the plugin from the "Download Now" button above
    - Download all the dependencies stated above
    - Place the plugin and the dependencies in "YourServerFolder/plugins"
    - Restart the server
    - Modify the configuration if needed

    To prevent MyBlocks from changing its custom texture when placing blocks next to MyBlocks, all block physics of Brown Mushroom Block, Red Mushroom Block, Mushroom Stem is disabled.

    If you have any ideas, feel free to tell me in the Discussion Section :D

    Can't answer your question? PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. I will answer you as soon as possible.

    Q. I found bugs / console errors.
    A. Try to re-download the plugin before asking for help. I will help as much as I can if you provide enough information such as Error Logs, how to reproduce the error. Please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. Otherwise, I will ignore you.

    Q. Nothing was received after typing the command.
    A. Please make sure that you follow the format in order to execute the command. You might get nothing if you enter wrong command arguments. Also, please make sure that the plugin is loaded and it doesn't conflict with other plugins. You may ask for help but I can't promise I can fix the error if the error is not produced by my plugin.

    Q. Does this plugin support xxx Platform / xxx Server / xxx Minecraft version?
    A. I am sorry that I can't test my plugin on all platforms, servers, Minecraft versions. I don't have time and resources. If you are having problems with the specified Platform / Server / Minecraft version, please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. I will try my best to fix it.

    You are not permitted to redistribute any part of the resource in any form.
    You are not permitted to redistribute the resource as your own work.
    You are not permitted to modify the code of the resource.
    You are not recommended to give reviews about the difficulties you are facing like bugs, errors, configuration problems.
    You will not be alerted if the "Terms of Use" was modified.
    You are recommended to give suggestions of the resource or technical support to improve the quality of the resource.

Recent Updates

  1. Block Chooser GUI, commands, sounds, loots

Recent Reviews

  1. masonalexone
    Version: 0.2.1
    A great plugin! Minor issue with mushroom blocks still updating on version 1.16.5 paperspigot
  2. VelepculaTheFox
    Version: 0.2.1
    This is an amazing plugin! I really appreciate it since you also included the source code :D.
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)
  3. HarukoWoods
    Version: 0.2.1
    Amazing Plugin! it has a compatibility problem with 1.16.2 by not showing the commands but also in previous versions there is no complaint!
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)
      The command should work in any version since it is not version-dependent. Maybe try to reinstall?