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Lightweight plugin adding an item that can store configurable amounts of Cobblestone.

  1. GRGoose
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    All messages are configurable.
    Cobblestone Pouches is an original & lightweight plugin adding in a special item. Gone are the days where your players would clutter up a pile of chests after just a small mining session just because they obtained so much Cobblestone! The new Cobblestone Pouch item is able to store an enormous amount of Cobblestone, which you can add/remove from with just a simple command! In addition, it only takes up a single storage space, which allows for an improved trade experience on your server, as players are now able to trade thousands of Cobblestone by just auctioning a single item!

    A market for Cobblestone Pouches can be set up using ANY shop/auction house plugin as long as it supports NBT tags or, more specifically, PersistentDataContainers – however, most modern plugins have this function, so no worries! As long as you have a Cobblestone Pouch in your inventory, any Cobblestone you collect is automatically added to the Pouch. Once you have a big enough quantity of Cobblestone you want to withdraw, just use the /cp withdraw <number> command and the Cobblestone will magically appear in your inventory!

    Have you just installed Cobblestone Pouch? No worries – your players will be also able to add any Cobblestone they collected up until this point using the /cp add <number | all> command!

    Are you an administrator and want to remove illegally obtained Cobblestone, or add in Cobblestone to a well-behaving player as a reward for their kindness? No worries – just use the /cp adminadd <number> (or /cp adminremove <number>, or even /cp adminset <number>) command!


    To fully understand the Power of the Pouch, I ran a simple experiment: how many goodies can you find before your hotbar fills up, with and without Cobblestone Pouches? Here is the result for one mining trip:
    As you can see, there's already a lot of Cobblestone in the second image (and would've been more, if I didn't get lucky with a big ravine), however in the first image all the Cobblestone is easily stored inside of the Cobblestone Pouch! This may not seem like a lot, but this was just one trip - imagine the amount of time saved on a full-scale server, where players do not have to come back to the base to leave Cobblestone every time, but they also don't have to throw it in lava/whatever to make room for more goodies!
    Of course, you may think now that this would be really unbalanced. And while that was true in the past - version 1.1, the "Maximum Update", introduces limits to the amount of Cobblestone that can be - at full capacity - present in a Cobblestone Pouch! Now you can create the experience you've always dreamed of without having to worry about gameplay becoming too easy!

    - Add,
    withdraw, give, or modify Cobblestone Pouches with simple commands, all coming with their own permissions
    - Customize every aspect of the plugin, from the messages used to the metadata of the item
    - Cobblestone is stored in PersistentDataContainers, meaning that most modern shop plugins will allow you to set up the market easily
    - All Cobblestone Pouches have a special tag indicating they are special, so exploiters may not create or modify Pouches (+ an automatical locking system when detecting suspicious activity)
    - Plugin is still being updated - got any idea? Go ahead and tell us in the discussions tab!
    - Spend less time withdrawing Cobblestone with the FAST WITHDRAW feature! (1.0.1+) Details:
    [Image Transcript] Quickly withdraw any amount of Cobblestone you need by left-clicking with a Cobblestone Pouch in your hand! Then, type a number (or "cancel") in the chat, and that amount will be withdrawn from the Pouch! Requires permission "cobblestonepouch.item.fastwithdraw"
    - Power through your Cobblestone building experience using the FAST PLACE feature! (1.0.3+) Details:
    Using the FAST PLACING feature, right-clicking with the Cobblestone Pouch will automatically withdraw and place one Cobblestone from the pouch, as if you placed it normally! Complete with accurate block face placement, configurable placing cooldowns and ability to be disabled! Requires permission "cobblestonepouch.item.fast-place".
    - Create a dynamic experience using the help of progression by having your players buy more advanced Tomes for even rarer & better Pouches!
    - The Updater will find any new available updates and notify you of them, while coming with almost no cost to start-up time (unless spigot is down).

    To make your players be able to receive Cobblestone Pouches for their own use, you can either have them obtain them in their raw form, or use Tomes! By right-clicking with a Tome on the ground, you will be automatically given a Cobblestone Pouch of a random tier. In addition, all Cobblestone Pouch tiers and Tome tiers are fully configurable!
    The default configuration comes with 9 tiers of Cobblestone Pouches (including 1 Prize Tier you can give to winners of giveaways/whatever) and 7 Tome Tiers, although you can create up to 2 billion Tiers for each item!

    /cp add <number|all> - Add cobblestone from your inventory to the Pouch.
    /cp withdraw <number> - Withdraw cobblestone from the Pouch to your inventory.
    /cp adminadd <number> - Add any amount of Cobblestone to the Pouch.
    /cp adminremove <number> - Remove any amount of Cobblestone from the Pouch.
    /cp adminset <number> - Set the amount of Cobblestone in the Pouch.
    /cp give [player] [id] - Give someone a Cobblestone Pouch. If there is no [player] argument, you will receive it instead. If there is no [id] argument, it will automatically be replaced with 1.

    cobblestonepouch.item.add - /cp add <number|all>
    cobblestonepouch.item.withdraw - /cp withdraw <number>
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.give.self - /cp give
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.give.other - /cp give [player]
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.givetome.self - /cp tome [your name] [id]
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.givetome.other - /cp tome [player] [id]
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.addamount - /cp adminadd <number>
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.setamount - /cp adminset <number>
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.takeamount - /cp adminremove <number>
    cobblestonepouch.item.fastwithdraw - Allows player to use fast withdraw feature
    cobblestonepouch.item.fast-place - Allows player to use fast place feature

    Using the CobblestonePouch developer API is really simple. To start, you must include the CobblestonePouch .jar file inside your project, like you would the spigot .jar. All you have to do now is create a new instance of the CobblestonePouchAPI class, after which your IDE should provide you with appropriate JavaDocs for how to get started and what each method does. In short, first check if an ItemStack is a pouch using the isPouch() method, then manipulate it as you want, using the getCobblestoneAmount() and setCobblestoneAmount() methods. In addition to this, a new event named CobblestonePouchFastWithdrawEvent has been added, which will fire every time a player uses the fast withdraw feature, be it successful or not. You may also use the getAttemptedWithdrawAmount() and wasSuccessful() methods in your listeners to get information about one of those events, and execute code accordingly.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Install the .jar file from the Spigot page
    2. Insert the .jar file into the "plugins" folder inside of your server
    3. Configure the plugin to meet your heart's desires
    4. Create a way to initially acquire empty Cobblestone Pouches (or give them to raffle winners/whatever to create a special reward) - for example, using whatever store plugin, make a purchase to execute /cp givetome %player% <id> or /cp give %player% <id> whenever someone buys it!
    5. Enjoy!

    Update Installation Instructions:
    1. Close your server if it is online
    2. Drag the new .jar inside of your "plugins" folder, and delete the old one (the version is specified in the name of the .jar)
    3. Copy the current configuration inside of a new file
    4. Delete the old configuration
    5. Start the server to generate the new configuration
    6. Copy the part from the current configuration that has not changed (from step 3)
    7. Configure the new parts added to meet your heart's desires
    8. Enjoy!


    bStats integration

    This plugin uses bStats to automatically collect anonymous data such as server players, operating system etc. This comes with almost no cost to server performance, and data is not linked to your server IP in any way. Plus, it lets me display this fancy graph:


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Recent Reviews

  1. Zosum
    Version: 1.0.3
    Really nice Plugin but on my Server the
    cobblestonepouch.admin.item.give.self permission for /cp give doesnt work. Also why is that an admin permission ?
    1. GRGoose
      Author's Response
      Hello & thanks for the review! My logic was that, since mostly admins would use the /cp give command (+ the console when integrating a Pouch dispenser or whatever), it would make sense for it to be an cobblestonepouch.admin permission. Also, what do you mean by it not working? Does it still give the no permission message even when you have the permission, does it still allow you to use the command even when you don't or what? Tell me in the discussion tab please and I'll try to fix it :)
  2. Minestick
    Version: 1.0.3
    Absolutely fantastic plugin to taste the awesomeness of the bundle before 1.17. Recommended for any SMP server.
    1. GRGoose
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review, Minestick! I've made this plugin with SMPs specifically in mind and my own little pet peeves when playing survival, glad to see you like it! :)