【Visual C#】Crackshot Builder Release 1

a editor for minecraft plugin - crackshot

  1. Oskang09
    Source Code:
    Description & About
    a editor for creating crackshot gun or others easily.

    • Enchantments List ( For Choosing )
    • ItemID List ( For Choosing )
    • Sounds List ( For Choosing )
    • Sound Play ( Testing Sound )
    • Load Guns ( Edit & Update )
    • Some crackshot modules will conflict have been blocked
      Etc. ( If you enable [BurstFire] , the Fully Automatic modules will been hide.
    • .Net Framework 4.5.2 (LINK)
    How To Install
    • Click on setup.msi , and Install it
    • After Done Install , you can enjoy it.
    How to use
    just click the test sound button then you will heard.
    NEW UI for Sounds

    you can pick 1 sound you want and insert volume, pitch and delay , last click on Add Sound then will added to listbox
    click the sound you want to remove in listbox
    choose the enchantment and beside the enchantment box , insert the enchantment level then done choosing the enchantment.
    remove the text then done removing the enchantment.
    choose 1 ids and there will display the block picture
    (WARNING) if you wan type id to it please with format ( ID-Datavalue ) if not will have error when building yaml.
    remove the text then done the removing item ids
    All the checkbox are true and false.Checked mean true, unchecked mean false.
    At last, you done editing all the modules and go to last tabpage [ YAML Generate ] and click on build , you will see the yaml below.
    Also can use SAVE will open save file dialog for you.

    1. https://github.com/Oskang09/CrackshotBuilder/wiki
    • All Crackshot Modules
    • If you want to change the wallpaper , you can go filepath
      Etc. (C:/Program Files(x86)/iRegalia/CSB_Setup/CrackshotFiles/Resource/uipics/)
      save the wallpaper as wallpaper1 - wallpaper6.
    • This builder still in Beta so have any bugs please refer to me thanks!
    • If meet some error , throw to pastebin and give me the link.
    • My English isn't that good , so if where didn't understand you can ask at discussion or (maybe will open a new discord server).
    • paypal.png PAYPAL
    • Im will do the project that they paid so your donate can make the progress faster , now i have another project need to start first ~ so the free project will do when free


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Recent Reviews

  1. LordRazor
    Version: Release 1
    Windows Defender does detect it as a virus however it works very nicely! Thanks for creating something so beneficial!
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, i cant found why the virus there , maybe next big update will fix it.
  2. PixelHxcks
    Version: Release 1
    The idea is good but I can't use it on my mac because it can't start .msi files.
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      i will looking for another development for this. for mac user able to use it
  3. kdc25111
    Version: Release 1
    Where can i download the soundpack ,i can't find it in github.Please provide a link when you reply the rating.
    1. Oskang09
  4. HeavenCrafter
    Version: Release 1
    Hey, love this crackshot builder as you have made my job much easier to creat new weapons. Deserves a 5 star rating..
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      thanks for rating
  5. sd_captain
    Version: Release 1
    thanks man loved your app for those people that call this app a virus its NOT true maybe your anti virus is a virus XD
  6. Vilzu45
    Version: Release 1
    This application seems perfect! I have looked for an software like this for along time! But i have only one problem.. When i try to use the "Yaml Generate" And i click build it says: "The Index was outside of the table of area" Or something like that. Can you please fix that?

    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      maybe don't use it now coz i going build in Web Version for other OS users such linux and mac user
  7. Ang_Drew
    Version: Release 1
    still buggy you cannot close the program i think you need to fix something on your visual studio :)
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      i know that. i will try fix it when i free
  8. Merlyn
    Version: Release 1
    i dont really make review but this is a virus please remove the virus and i will remove my 1 star rating
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      sorry , i just can reply you with yours reviewing, for your useless antivirus scanned the software have virus, then u just don't use , that just it own problem AntiVirus == Virus, you should know that And i never use an trashed antivirus. Thanks.
  9. PeterXonwiiXx
    Dont know if its correct, but it downloads a .msi file that has a virus in it my pc and windows says, please fix it, will remove 1 star if so. thanks!
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      ermm maybe that your antivirus problem, better remove your antivirus such useless thing and wasted ur ram and cpu on your computer. Also no one have problem at AntiVirus if you not using windows defender, please remove this review .
  10. NullBlox
    Version: 1.2.2
    Great work! I have to run parallels to run windows on my Mac but it works! Please consider making a version for Mac. If this ran on my standard OS I would use this weekly. 4/5 for not being compatible for Linux and Mac. All in all Great work!
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review, i cant make a Mac version but i will try my best to make a Mac version