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Use telegram as a minecraft console. (ANTITAB - ANTICOMMAND - SPAMDETECTOR) [INTERNAL COMMANDS]

  1. BowYard
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Languages Supported:
    Use your telegram bot.png

    ProtocolLib 4.4.0+

    * Use this command to Verify Unconfirmed ChatId and let the user confirmed to use the Bot.*
    # From Console ->
    ConfirmId <ChatId>
    # From Bot (To use the command from the bot you have to be a Confirmed User) ->
    ConfirmId <ChatId> (the chatid must be in the unverified ChatIds list)

    * Use this command to delete the Unconfirmed ChatIda from the list. *
    # From Console ->
    DeleteId <ChatId> (the chatid must be in the unverified ChatIds list)

    You will be notified on the console when a player does /start in your bot.
    The unverified user connected to your bot could not do anything.
    You have to verify the user with /confirmid <id> (id shown in the console with the username)
    after this the user can use the bot and he will be added to the config.yml chatids so if you restart the server
    the id will be verified and the player will be automatically connected to the bot.

    If a player is spamming commands and you are bored of reciving notifies when the player does any sort of command
    do the command /deleteid <id> (show in the console) and the player will be also deleted from the unverified ChatIds.
    So if you delete him from the unverified ChatIds the user is using a "ghost bot", any sort of command will not execute on your server
    and the user won't recieve any type of message until you verify it.

    how to use.png

    Put the plugin in the plugins folder of your server and launch it.
    On first load the plugin will give you an advice, that the bot_token is not set in the config.yml. So stop the server.
    Create a telegram bot, get the token_bot, paste it in the config at place of "token_bot" and start the server with the plugin loaded.

    Type /start in your bot or start the server and then type /start in the bot..
    If you type /start before of the launch of the server, when you start the server the plugin will find automatically the ChatId and add it to the Unconfirmed List of ChatIds.
    If you type /start while the server is running the plugin will show on the console the connection request and the chatid will be added to the unconfirmed list of chatIds.

    If you done all right all the connected users will receive this message:
    if you typed /start when the server was stopped: "Added to unconfirmed list."
    If you typed /start while the server was running : "You are added to the unconfirmed ChatId list, You can't send and recieve any type of message."
    Now for using the bot to access your real console and you're a unconfirmes user let the owner type /ConfirmId <ChatId> and then you will recieve this other message:
    "[Server] You are now a confirmed user."

    When you reload the server, It's not needed to do all this stuff, All the ids (confirmed) will be saved in the config and added to the Confirmed list when you restart the server.
    If you stop the server and there are Unconfirmed ChatIds they will be deleted and ignored.

    Code (YAML):

    * $getplayers or $gp <- Get the amount of online players and their names
    * $sendmessage/$sm <player> <message>  <- Send a message from the bot to a player online
    * $getip/$gip <player> <- get the ip of the player



    Code (YAML):
    ConnectionType: Bot   # type of connection, don't change
    : token_bot    # here you've to place the tokenbot of your bot
    : []           # This is the list of the confirmed user, Leave it to [] the list will be automatically updated.

    : true                  # if you want to actually receive the messages from the bot

    # activate options = true if you want to enable it, false if you don't.
    # message = the message you want receive from the server

    : true
    : 'The server is now offline.'

    :        # use %player% to get the event-player
    : true
    : '%Player% joined the server.'

    :        # use %player% to get the event-player
    : true
    : '%Player% left the server.'

    # use %player% to get the event-player, use %message% to get the message
    # "alertactivate" is a list of all the words (char sequence) to search in the messages.
    : true
    : '%Player% typed : %Message%'
       - mc.
        - .com
        - .it
        - .net
        - www.
        - ts.
        - .eu

    # set command the player can't execute and tab.
    : true   # activate check?
    : true   # cancel the event?
    : '&cYou can''t execute this command'  # message when a player try to execute a command listed down.
    : bypass.command.pex   # permission to bypass all this.
    : true   # send message to the bot?
    : '%Player% tabcompleted %Command%'   # message when the player tabcomplete
    : '%Player% ha eseguito : %Command%' # message when the player execute a command
    : "ban %Player%"   # new features : what command should the console execute when the player EXECUTE a listed command?  type "null" if you don't want to execute a command.
    :  # list of commands to block and deny tabcomplete
      - ver
      - version
      - pl
      - plugin



    If you have an idea let me know about it! I'll add more events to handle etc.etc..

    If there is a bug, don't rate the plugin with 1 star to expose the problem, let me know it in the discussions and i'll fix it!

    You couldn't load this plugin without the support of the telegram api.
    This jar contains the (secure) extracted API of telegram bots so its weight reach almost 1000kb.


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