[1.10.x]Apple Timeout 1.1

An apple a day is what I say!

  1. KyleMan
    KyleMan736, ednermanslaya12
    With this simple and light-weight plugin, all your Grapple problems are solved! This fully customizable plugin sets a limit for how often players can use a Grapple! Each player has their own user data file generated when they eat their first grapple. This, fully-UUID integrated plugin keeps track of the very millisecond the player ate a golden apple, and cannot eat another golden apple until the time has elapsed, whether the server is on or not! The config lets you determine how often the players are allowed to eat the golden apple, not to for get the fully customizable messages that tell the players when they are allow to eat another apple

    • UUID integration (Does not use their Username for saving!)
    • Fully Customizable
    • Built-in reloading
    • File-generating user data (In plugin folder!)
    • Light-weight (Only uses one thread, and is only called when a player eats)
    • Admin exemptions
    • McStats integration
    • 1.8.8 compatibility

    Here you can see that if players try to eat a golden apple before they may it does not let them use it and tells them when they can use it. (Also with /apple check they can check if they can eat)

    Here is where the user data folder is located

    Here is where all the user data files are! (Name is the player's uuid). If you need to remove one, just delete the file! No reloading required​
    Video Review:
    [Still in progress, talk to me if you do one!]

    • /apple help (shows list of commands)
    • /apple time (shows user how much time left before they can eat another Grapple)
    • /apple reload (reloads the config (Does not create new config!))
    • /apple author
    • apple.* (Gives all permissions)
    • apple.exempt (Allows user to eat as many apples as their heart desires!)
    • apple.admin (Allows user to /apple reload)
    I use McStats, a tracker for my plugin. It does not store any personal data at all, all it does is show people how many people are using my plugin! It helps me see how my plugin is doing!

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  1. Updated to 1.10.x

Recent Reviews

  1. Mariano_mazza
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin, please add secons to cooldown but this pretty good idea congratulations ---------------
  2. HeroHunter911
    Version: 1.0
    Does this plugin work for regular golden apples? (Id #322) So far the plugin is great for God apples but i need my players to be limited of eating regular golden apples. Thank you.
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      I never thought of that. Thanks, in the next update I will add an option for this!