The people's AFK

  1. KyleMan
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11

    Hello! Are you tired of players AFKing and when they are about to be kicked, they just jump? Well, if that is the case, then this is the plugin for you! It comes complete with customizing the kick message to the kick time. You can use chat-side warning, minecraft join title warning, sound warning, or all three! The choice is yours!

    • Colors, sounds, titles, chat
    • Kicks afk players after a set time (by you!)
    • Options to enable/disable features
    • Login ability
    • Easy to use (Just drop in plugins folder)
    • No commands! Capatcha is in chat (Player cannot chat until is correct)
    • Fun and unique plugin!
    • Now with PermissionsEx Support!
    • Now with customizable kick commands!


    AFK comes complete with its own GUI! This feature uses Minecraft titles, which can be enabled/disabled at any time!


    Once the player has been AFK for the set time (Default is 15 minutes), the player will have 15 seconds to type in the capatcha for that player. The capatcha is randomly generated from all 52 characters plus various other special characters on your keyboard.

    You may also have the feature of seeing the warning in the player chat!


    What about the commands? Well, there are NONE! (Except /cap reload) All you do is when the warning starts, you type in chat and if the word the player provided matched the capatcha generated for them, it will restart the afk timer! As an added bonus, until they get their capatcha right, nobody will see what they are typing (thus no random words in chat!).

    Config (default)
    The config is simple! Generated in folder, called "config.yml"
    Code (Text):

    # Default Config File for AFK Capatcha
    #WARNING! If all warning are disabled, they still will be kicked!
    #Reminder! If you are using Essentials, make sure to set afk kick to -1 or else this plugin will not work!
    # Time is in Mins (Whole integers only, please!)
    TIME: 15
    Warning_Time: 15
    Title_Warning_Message: '&cYou will be kicked in &b%time%&c. &cType in chat &6%cap%' //Title Warning message to player
    Announcement: '&c%player% &r&bHas been kicked for ideling for too long!' //Message to all players
    Kick_Reason: '&4Kicked for AFKing more than 15 mins!' //Kick message sent to player
    Warning_End_Message: '&9Thanks for verifying that you were playing fairly.' //Title message player gets for getting the capatcha correct
    Chat: true //Enable Chat messages?
    Title: true //Enable Title messages?
    Sound: true //Enable sound affects?
    Message_All: true //Send message when play is kicked (To everyone?)?
    Use_PermissionsEx: true //Enable/Disable PermissionsEx Support
    Use_Custom_Command: false //Enables/disables custom command to be executed when player's AFK time runs out
    Custom_Command: 'kick %player%' //The command to be executed. NO SLASH NEEDED.
    • %player% is the player's name
    • %time% is the player's time before being kicked
    • %cap% is the player's unique capatcha
    • Color codes are anything in Minecraft (&1-&r)
    PermissionsEx Config
    This is generated in the folder, called "Groups.yml"
    Code (Text):

      default: 15
      Admin: 30
      VIP: 59
    This does not need to be edited by you! Simply use the command /cap add GROUP TIME to add the PermissionsEx group's time. To remove the group, simply do /cap remove GROUP
    PermissionsEx (NEW)
    How custom times/group works

    First, please make sure you have the latest version of PermissionsEx installed on your server. Next, after the plugin has ran for the first time, in the config you will see "Use_PermissionsEx" set to false, please change false to true and save the file. Then either restart the server or do /cap reload to refresh the config. Now, PermissionsEx should be used! It is very simply to use, simply add the PermissionsEx group to the plugin along with the time that group will have to wait with /cap add GROUP TIME. Please note that the GROUP must be the same spelling/capitalization as it is in PermissionsEx and that TIME is a number. Finally, if the user is part of several groups, it will take the time of the group with the HIGHEST time. If the user is part of a group that has not been added to CapAFK, they will get the default time set in the regular config.

    ***If the users is moved to a new PermissionsEx group, the plugin will NOT RECOGNIZE this change until either the user RE-LOGS into the server OR the plugin is reloaded. This has to be this way because of how PermissionsEx is made, NOT ME.***
    • afk.* (Gives user all permissions)
    • afk.exempt (does not warn/kick user with this permission)
    • afk.force (gives permission to force capatcha on user)
    • afk.admin (Allows user to use /cap reload, /cap add, cap remove (Does not give them afk.exempt!))
    • /cap reload (Reloads plugin configuration)
    • /cap force USER (forces capatcha on a user)
    • /cap add GROUP TIME (Adds PermissionsEx Group and the AFK time with it)
    • /cap remove GROUP (removes PermissionsEx Group)
    • /capafk (Version Info)
    • /cap help (returns help info)
    New in Version 1.4.1:

    • Added the ability to add a custom command to be executed when a player's AFK time runs out! Now you can customize what happens to your players! Simply enable "Use_Custom_Command" to "true" and change what is in the "Custom_Command" field!
    • This is only a small update, other people's requests are in the process!
    • Thanks to @hvrry, @iDreamablez for the suggestion!
    • Minor bug fixes.
    New in Version 1.4:
    • Added bStats to replace McStats (nothing you see changes!)
    • Fixed /cap help not doing anything
    • Various bug improvements

    *Permissions will be added in very shortly (In a day or two)
    *More customizing for the user
    *Color codes in the kick message
    *Custom kick announcement to the server

    *Fix Bugs
    Tell me what to add next!

    Servers that use this:
    • mc-constellation.net (https://www.mc-constellation.net/)
    • Bug reports: Please tell me any bugs that you may find! (PM me, or discuss it, please do not give me a bad review because you find a bug :D )​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Timislol12
    Version: 1.4.1
    is this also working for Groupmanager? if it does not please add it. im using groupmanager because its much easier commands
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      Sorry I still am working on adding GM support! Each plugin manager means I have to add more code for each specific one
  2. SubstepGamer
    Version: 1.4.1
    Plugin works really nice. But I have realized that when I turn on sound the captcha won't work at all unless I turn sounds off again.
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for the review, what version of spigot are you using? Also if you could send me the console logs bc I havent heard of this problem!
  3. raunak123
    Version: 1.4.1
    Amazing author, amazing plugin,
    I contacted the author to add the permissions support, we both are good friends are now, and help each other now!
    He did not just support me with this plugin, but we both also started supported each other in general!
  4. sannielollie
    Version: 1.4
    Really nice plugin, the perfect solution for afkbots :D Thank you so much. My staff and players love it :P
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      Awesome! Glad I made ur server more fun! Fell free to ask any questions/concerns/requests. Also if u could dm me ur server I would love to check it out!
  5. BryanChung
    Version: 1.2.1
    Will user be able to by-pass this plugin if they are in a "afk pool" or such system? I also like JohnTube's idea of /cap force <player>
  6. JohnTube
    Version: 1.2.1
    excellent plugin, annoying the afkers with captcha is a great punishment, #NOAFKanymore . Suggestion : Allow admins to make a random player do captcha with /cap force <player>
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I LOVE that idea, ill see what I can do :D
  7. iDreamablez
    Version: 1.2
    This is a great plugin; does exactly what it says. I have 1 suggestion though. Please add a way to make it preform a command instead of kicking the player; or maybe send them back to hub on a BungeeCord server.
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      Sorry but I have finally added this, hope its better now!
  8. Vilican
    Version: 1.2
    Very good plugin for limiting non-paying users and annoying them with things like captchas. Please update it to 1.10!
    1. KyleMan
      Author's Response
      In process now! Thanks!
  9. DerpyTurtle6
    Version: 1.1.2
    Sick plugin! Use it on all my servers.. :)
  10. GuillaumeVDN
    Version: 1.1.1 Stable
    Vert Nice plugin ;)