[1.13-1.16+] NFCNotes 2.2.2

well does somebody know where i put my note?

  1. Kikisito
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    This plugin can be translated into any language
    Convert your money into notes!
    NFCNotes allows players to convert their money into notes. These notes can be used by other plugins or by other players to redeem some money.

    This plugins includes a configuration where you can disable any feature you don't like. It also has a file named messages.yml where you can modify almost every single message the plugin sends.

    • You can modify the name and the lore of created notes however you want! You can even hide their value from the lore. All required information is stored as an attribute, which is always hidden to players.
    • Worried about scammers? You can configure the plugin to warn your staff when a player withdraws or deposits more than a specified value. This value is also configurable!
    • This plugin is compatible starting from Spigot 1.13. It's built against Spigot 1.16, so this plugin supports RGB colors. You just need to use the format &#<hex code>.
    • You can prevent players from using NFCNotes in ANY workbench! Includes new tables from future Minecraft versions.
    • You can use {money} and {issuer} placeholder as well as in the name of your notes as in the lore.
    • You can change the material of the note. Any material from this list is allowed!


    - Commands
    • /withdraw <value> [amount] · This command allows you to withdraw money into one or multiple notes (i.e., if you execute /withdraw 1200 5, you will receive 5 notes with a value of 1200). The amount parameter is optional.
    • /withdraw all · This command withdraws all your available money.
    • /deposit [all/stack/amount of notes] · This command can claim all your notes or just the ones you are holding.
    • /createnote [player] <value> [amount] · This command creates a new note. No money is subtracted when executed and its default permission is for OP players. The player and amount parameters are also optionals. Aliases: cn
    • /nfcnotes [reload/check/update] · With no arguments, this command shows some information about the plugin. If you type the argument reload, you will reload the configuration and all plugin messages. check and update arguments are used to check if the plugin is updated.
    - Actions (you must be holding a note)
    • Right click to redeem the note.
    • Shift + Right click to redeem all the notes you currently have inside your inventory.
    - Permissions
    • nfcnotes.withdraw.* · Withdraw money using any method
      • nfcnotes.withdrall.one · Allows the use of /withdraw <money>
      • nfcnotes.withdraw.multiple · Allows the use of /withdraw <money> <amount>
      • nfcnotes.withdraw.all * · Allows the use of /withdraw all
    • nfcnotes.deposit.* · Redeem money using any method.
      • nfcnotes.deposit.action.* · Redeem notes using any action
        • nfcnotes.deposit.action.deposit · Redeem notes using right click
        • nfcnotes.deposit.massdeposit · Redeem all your notes using shift and right click.
      • nfcnotes.deposit.command.* · Allows the use of any /deposit command.
        • nfcnotes.deposit.command.one · Allows the use of /deposit
        • nfcnotes.deposit.command.multiple · Allows the use of /deposit <amount of notes>
        • nfcnotes.deposit.command.stack · Allows the use of /deposit stack
        • nfcnotes.deposit.command.all · Allows the use of /deposit all
    • nfcnotes.staff.*: This permission includes these ones:
      • nfcnotes.staff.warn · Players with this permission will get a warning when anybody withdraws or redeems a value higher than the specified in the configuration file. By default, only OP players have this permission.
      • nfcnotes.staff.createnote · Players with this permission will be allowed to execute the /createnote command. By default, only OP players have this permission.
      • nfcnotes.staff.reload · Players with this permissions will be allowed to reload the configuration and all the messages by executing /nfcnotes reload. By default, only OP players have this permission.
      • nfcnotes.staff.check-updates · Users with this node will be notified with a message when they join the server and there is a new version available.
      • nfcnotes.staff.withdraw.bypass.disabled-world · Players with this permission will bypass disabled world restriction. Withdraw only.
      • nfcnotes.staff.deposit.bypass.disabled-world · Players with this permission will bypass disabled world restriction. Deposit only.
    - Default config.yml
    You can see the default configuration file here.

    - Default messages.yml
    You can see the default messages file here.

    - Events
    NFCNotes calls two events when a player withdraws or redeems money. These are WithdrawEvent and DepositEvent. You can even modify their values, so, why don't you try to? :p

    - Dependencies
    This plugin depends on Vault, PlayerPoints OR Essentials (you can have just one), so if none of those are found in your server, NFCNotes won't work.

    There isn't any other required action to do to make the plugin work. Anyways, we strongly recommend you to custom your files.

    - Statistics from bStats
    NFCNotes sends anonymous data as how many players are in your server. If you don't want the plugin to do this, you can disable bStats in your plugins/bStats/ folder.

    Please, if you find any issue, report it in GitHub. You won't get any support for issues reported in the reviews section. Help me to improve NFCNotes! :giggle:

    Suggestions are always welcome!

Recent Reviews

  1. syconslaber
    Version: 2.2.2
    I like it but i want it like if i do /adminwithdraw it will withdraw with taking money from the player and if i do just /withdraw it will take money from the player
    so that player have the /withdraw perm and can withdraw the money and save it in chests
  2. CroToss22
    Version: 2.1.3
    really laggy plugin, hard to config... lots of errors, not recommend for any bigger server (just horrible)
    1. Kikisito
      Author's Response
      This plugin has been used in servers with lots of players and no issues were reported. If you had one, open a ticket on GitHub and I'll help you without problems. You don't even say what errors you have.
  3. Edoras
    Version: 2.0
    We use it in Edoras, a Spanish Minecraft Server and it is totally needed. Good job and perfect plugin in order to create a realistic economy. We are very grateful and the author's support it's incredible. Perfect plugin.
    1. Kikisito
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review!