[1.13.1] Ridables - Ride and control any mob with full WASD control 2.48

Ride and control any mob with full WASD control

  1. BillyGalbreath
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    • 1.13
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    English, Customizable
    Just a little project started as a small idea from my wife, "I wish I could ride these dolphins."

    Today, all mobs are ridable and fully controllable with WASD keys. Simply right click on a mob to ride it (with proper permission, of course).

    Some mobs have their special abilities mapped to spacebar or mouse clicks (make creepers explode, endermen pickup/place blocks, ghasts shoot fireballs, etc etc). Special actions are added all the time.

    Some mobs I'm adding new special abilities (dolphins can spit, phantoms shoot flames, etc)

    Perfect for donator perks, or just for some plain server-wide fun.

    Do you support MC version X?

    I keep getting asked this a lot more than I should be. So, instead of answering it each time to each person that asks, I'll just write it out here and point them to it.

    This plugin is version sensitive! This means each release is built against a specific version of Minecraft. Doing things this way goes against the grain of what most other plugin developers are doing, I know, but it helps keep my sanity.

    Minecraft is an ever changing beast on its own, each version (sometimes even minor versions) has drastic changes in the code. A plugin like this is only possible by digging deep into that code, far beyond where most other plugins ever dare to go.

    To keep giving you guys the best experience possible I simply ignore all legacy versions of Minecraft. This means that when the protocol version bumps I bump with it and drop the previous version. This includes dropping 1.13 in favor of 1.13.1

    If you do not update your server to the latest versions with the rest of us then you have made a personal choice to stick to using legacy software. To me, this includes plugins as well. I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. ^_^

    You can find a list of all the previous versions of this plugin at the top of this page (Version History). Just pick one for your minecraft version. Any bugs in those legacy builds will forever remain, such as with all legacy software. I don't backport hotfixes.

    If after reading this you still choose to stick with the 1.13 version of minecraft that has hundreds of known bugs (over a hundred which were fixed in 1.13.1) then you will want to use v2.35 of the Ridables plugin (which contains some bugs itself that were fixed in later versions).

    If you are using 1.13.1 like a sane person, then you want the latest version of Ridables ^_^ *high five*

    Information moved to the wiki

    I have a wiki up on my GitHub page. Still a work in progress, but holds most of the goody bits you guys are after, including installation, configuration, permissions, etc:


    [​IMG] Source code
    [​IMG] Development Builds
    [​IMG] Maven Repository
    [​IMG] API JavaDocs
    [​IMG] Discord/Live Chat

    We're all here to have fun. If you enjoyed this plugin (or didn't) let me know in the reviews! I read every single one, and they really brighten up my day. ^_^

    Please do not use the review section for bug reports or asking for support. Use the discussions tab, GitHub issues, or even chat with me on Discord. We cannot hold a conversation in reviews, so nothing ever gets resolved that way. Plus it just makes you look like a dick in front of everyone else. ;)


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  1. v2.48
  2. v2.47
  3. v2.46

Recent Reviews

  1. Castielle
    Version: 2.48
    This plugin keeps getting better and better. Really active developer. Thank you!
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      <3 Thanks for the review! ^_^
  2. iRedFox
    Version: 2.45
    Excellent plugin and developer.
    Not sure why some people still review to get support....
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review ^_^
  3. Cyber_YT
    Version: 2.45
    Doesn't work no matter what I do :(
    Server version is 1.13.1 and I have setup mob configurations in the files, restarted the server over and over, and nothing works!!! Please help :(
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      Why oh why do you insist on asking for support in the review section?

      I've given you multiple links above for how to contact me for support.

      There s Discord invite link if you require immediate assistance...

      There is a link to my GitHub issue tracker to post up issues that you think you are having...

      There is a Discussions tab at the top of this page to post questions so I can answer them, or even allows the countless other users that have successfully used this plugin to jump in and offer assistance if they want.

      But a 1 star review?


      Thats how you piss off plugin developers that work hard to bring you cool shit like this. Pissed off developers dont like to give support to those that pissed them off, either..
  4. Iuoae
    Version: 2.42
    Hey you dude, have made an amazing plugin!

    I have a slight issue though. I don't know if it is just my server, but people riding animals using this plugin are able to enter entry-deny WorldGuard regions, but cannot when not riding these animals.

    I recommend trying to develop some kind of WorldGuard compatibility to ensure that people cannot enter WorldGuard regions using this plugin.

    Many thanks again for making this amazing plugin.

    - Iuoae
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      The problem lies in WorldGuard itself. It even has trouble when using a normal horse to cross into a region with entry deny (you will get stuck in a glitch).
  5. F4ngDragon
    Version: 2.40.2
    Excellent plugin!
    Only issue is that players can't Ride Mooshrooms, even if I give them the special permission just to ride mooshrooms and to ride all supported creatures.
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      Fixed in 2.40.3, Bukkit named it weird. Use "mushroom_cow" in the permission instead of "mooshroom"
  6. Leiath
    Version: 2.40
    Excellent plugin. always dreamed of riding an Enderdragon, now its possible. Thank you so much. Maybe in the description somewhere put that you mount and dismount with same commands as boats and that all the animals have been disabled in the config. Took a little bit to figure that out as I was expecting them all to be enabled.
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      I'm working on a more detailed wiki/documentation now that most mobs are implemented. Thanks for the review ^_^
  7. smmmadden
    Version: 2.37.3
    Amazing resource to have on any server and being able to control the entities is a huge bonus! Developer is fantastic in supporting his work - there is nothing better than someone making sure his customers are 100% satisfied! Thank you Billy - this is awesome! :-)
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      I'm glad we got it sorted! Thanks for the review ^_^
  8. Thomas1
    Version: 2.37.2
    Is it support for 1.10?

    Nice plugin......................<3 <3 <3<3
    <3<3 10000000000000000000 (chars)
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ^_^
  9. kebirby
    Version: 2.34
    Typing this from the back of a phantom
    Great plugin, one of my most favourite

    The only suggestion would be to include some form of instruction on how to set permissions. In the permissions it is set to 'default: op', so what is one required to type in to allow others to ride too?
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it ^_^

      The permissions file contains a "default" line for who gets the permission by default. I've specified that only Ops get the permission by default. You will need a permissions plugin (I suggest LuckPerms) to give the permissions to non-op players/groups.
  10. AnnaDev
    Version: 2.28.1
    Good Plugin
    Great Author
    1. BillyGalbreath
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review ^_^