[1.13.1] Ridables - Ride and control any mob with full WASD control 2.48

Ride and control any mob with full WASD control

  1. v2.48

    • Add special ability to squids to squirt ink on spacebar
    • Fix strafing controls with squids
  2. v2.47

    • Add jump boost to magma cubes (hold spacebar to charge boost)
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  3. v2.46

    • Add jump boost to slimes (hold spacebar to charge boost)
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  4. v2.45

    • Fix teleport related bugs by removing teleport related code
    There are other plugins that are solely focused on the feature of teleporting with a vehicle/creature.

    Plus, Paper is getting the ability to teleport with a vehicle/passenger soon.
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  5. v2.44

    • Add new option to enable chickens laying eggs while being ridden (default off)
    • Rename entities in the config to match Mojang's entity names
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  6. v2.43

    • Rewrite mounting system from the ground up
    • Update permission nodes to the system (now matches Mojang's names)
      • Some creature's nodes have changed! See Wiki for more info.
    • Add new permission nodes for teleporting with creatures
      • Permissions only work when unmount-on-teleport is false
      • These permissions include regular ridable entities
        • Donkey
        • Horse
        • Mule
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  7. v2.42

    • Add ridable vex
    That should be the last mob. All insentient mobs are now ridable! \o/

    If I've missed any, please let me know.
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  8. v2.41

    • Add ridable squids
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  9. v2.40.3

    • Fix permission with mooshrooms
    Bukkit API names things weird, they call it "mushroom_cow" so changed the permission to match Bukkit naming instead of Minecraft naming.
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  10. v2.40.2

    • Fix errors in console when blocking commands and player is not riding anything
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