[1.13.2] Ridables - Ride and control any mob with full WASD control 2.56

Ride and control any mob with full WASD control

  1. v2.56

    • Add option to call PlayerMoveEvent when moving while riding a mob
    This fixes a few compatibility things, such as the ability for protection plugins to cancel player movements such as WorldGuard's "entry" region flag.

    This option is disabled by default, and must manually be turned on if you find yourself in a spot where you need it.

    The new config.yml entry is
    • enable-entity-move-event: false
    Enjoy! \o/ ^_^
  2. v2.55

    Update to 1.13.2 \o/
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  3. v2.54

    • Make dolphin persistence configurable
  4. v2.53

    • Fix ender dragon not taking damage when ridden
    • Add configurable egg drop delay for chickens
    • Add config option to allow/disallow (most) creatures to be ridden in water
    • Add config option to modify creatures step height
    Be sure you check the wiki for the new config options!


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  5. v2.52

    • Make EnderDragon better
    If no one reports any issues with the dragon I'll add the ability to make it shoot flames and remove it's "experimental" tag from the wiki.
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  6. v2.51

    • Make errors even _more_ noticeable (for bad hosts)
    • Add better server-type detection
    • Add ability to make witch throw potions on mouse click
  7. v2.50

    • Fix compatibility with MiniaturePets (and possibly other plugins)
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  8. v2.49

    • Add startup check to ensure any ridable is enabled. Warn if not.
    • Add debug output for failed permission checks
    This update is for all the people that dont understand how to install and configure a plugin. Hopefully this added output will help those poor souls find the light they need.

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  9. v2.48

    • Add special ability to squids to squirt ink on spacebar
    • Fix strafing controls with squids
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  10. v2.47

    • Add jump boost to magma cubes (hold spacebar to charge boost)
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