[1.13] Ridables - WASD Controls - Shooting/Special Actions [ALL Platforms] 2.30

Ride and control creatures! \o/

  1. v2.30

    • Add ridable elder guardians
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  2. v2.29

    • Add ridable magma cubes
  3. v2.28.1

    • Revert commit f034106 as it was causing targeting issues with some mobs
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  4. v2.28

    • Add ridable slimes
  5. v2.27

    • Add ridable guardians
    • Add new option to allow riding babies
    • Fix baby entities spawned from spawn eggs not growing up to be ridable
    • Get rid of ReflectionUtil (moved things to appropriate classes)
    • Fix creature's pitch (look up/down)
    • Stop creatures from "twitching" sometimes as if they are trying to look around
    • Prevent creatures from trying to target other entities when being ridden (prevents needless packet spam)
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  6. v2.26.1

    • Fix vanilla fish buckets spawning unridable fish
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  7. v2.26

    • Add ridable drowned
    • Add ridable endermite
    • Add ridable silverfish
    • Add ridable zombie horse (requires saddle to move)
    • Add ridable skeleton horse (requires saddle to move)
    • Add ridable giants
    • Add ridable witches
    • Add ridable wither skeletons
    • Add ridable blazes
    • Add ridable cod fish
    • Add ridable pufferfish (use spacebar to make puff up)
    • Add ridable salmon
    • Add ridable tropical fish
    Most creatures still do not have controls for the special...
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  8. v2.25

    • Add ridable husks
    • Add ridable skeletons
    • Add ridable strays
    • Add ridable zombies
    • Add ridable zombie pigmen
    • Rebuild biome mobs after injection (fixes mobs not spawning naturally)
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  9. v2.24

    • Add ridable enderman
    • Change some API stuff
  10. v2.23

    • Change color logger to not spam up log files with color codes
    • Fix teleporting with creature sometimes getting stuck/locking server
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