[1.13] TreeGravity 3.6.2

Chop trees down by just breaking one log!

  1. Dudenn
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13

    Plugin Info
    Pretty much the same as TreeFeller and Timber, or a simpler version of Choptree and TreeAssist. There are currently four methods available for chopping trees with TreeGravity:
    1. Lumberjack Classic - You break one log on a tree and the entire tree falls down. The number of logs the tree has are dropped in a stack at location of the block you broke. A sapling is dropped for every 20 logs the tree has.
    2. Lumberjack Natural - You break one log on a tree and the entire tree falls down. Each log on the tree breaks naturally, so the logs do not drop in a uniform fashion like they do with LumberJack Classic
    3. Lumberjack Random - Same logic as LJ Classic, but the number of logs dropped will be anywhere from 20% more or less logs the tree actually had. So if a tree had 10 logs, 8 to 12 will be dropped.
    4. Gravity (experimental) - You break a log of a tree and any logs directly above fall/move down one block like sand/gravel. Does not work with mushroom trees. Warning: This method cannot distinguish between logs on a tree and logs placed by a player. See Update 3.0.0 for a temporary solution.
    Runs on Java 8. If you encounter ANY bugs or have ANY suggestions, please let me know! Especially the bugs!

    Current Features
    specific to lumberjack methods:​
    • Works on all tree types including mushroom trees!
    • No logs or leaves left floating in the air whatsoever!
    • Auto sapling-replant, so your forest stays a forest!
    • When you chop the tree down, you should get x amount of logs on the tree. With the Classic and Random methods you'll also get 1 sapling for every 20 logs
    • Houses and other structures with logs are safe! (as long as there aren't a lot of leaves touching a lot of connected logs)
    for all methods:​
    • Works with anti-grief and region-protection plugins, so trespassers can't chop your trees!
    • Logs (or mushroom blocks) are the only blocks ever broken, besides items hanging off of logs like vines, cocoa beans, etc.
    • The method enabled (lumberjack or gravity) can be changed in the config at config setting "tgType". See the config settings below.
    Config Settings
    • gType - Determines which method is enabled (see Plugin Info above for details about the three methods)
      • 1 = LumberJack Classic
      • 2 = LumberJack Natural
      • 3 = LumberJack Random
      • 4 = Gravity
    • toolsAllowed - You can add or remove tools that allow TG methods work on trees. Only add tools in order to avoid any errors.
    • fairDurability - Toggles whether your axe durability declines by the amount of logs that are harvested from the tree chopped down with Lumberjack methods.
    • durabilityMultiplier - The degree of durability damage each log has on your axe/tool. The default config value (1.0) is the vanilla value, changing the value up or down indirectly affects tool life. For example, the life of an iron axe at the following values will be:
      • 0.5 = 500 logs; 1.0 = 250 logs; 2.0 = 125 logs
    • autoReplant - Toggles whether saplings are replanted or not once you chop down a tree. Once you chop down the tree there is about a 3 second delay before saplings are replanted. Due to the current logic, if you chop down a jungle or dark oak tree from high up the tree, the saplings will replant and then be broken
    • saplingDrop - Drops a stack of saplings immediately with the tree's logs at the base of a tree. Only applies to Lumberjack Classic and Random methods. The sapling stack will include 1 sapling for every ~20 logs the tree has.
    • updateChecker - Whether you want the plugin to check for updates. If true, the following link is accessed: https://textuploader.com/d7v57/raw
    • debugger - When set to true, when you chop down a tree the following will be printed in your server's console: the tree's log type, location, and the number of logs the tree has. Only shows these values with the Lumberjack methods.
    Code (YAML):
    : 1
        - WOODEN_AXE
        - STONE_AXE
        - IRON_AXE
        - GOLDEN_AXE
        - DIAMOND_AXE
    : true
    : 1.0
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : false
    tgType: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (double)
    durabilityMultiplier: 0.01 to 25 (double)
    fairDurability: true or false (boolean)
    autoReplant: true or false (boolean)
    saplingDrop: true or false (boolean)

    updateChecker: true or false (boolean)
    debugger: true or false (boolean)

    /tg - Provides this list of TreeGravity commands
    /tg help - Explains what the commands and settings are
    /tg info - Provides general info about the plugin​
    /tg settings - Shows the server's current settings in the TreeGravity config.yml
    /tg reload - Reloads the plugin
    /tgconfig - Shows list of sub-commands for /tgconfig
    /tgconfig [enable, disable] - Turns plugin on or off
    /tgconfig set type [1, 2, 3, 4] - Changes the current plugin's method
    /tgconfig set durabilitymultiplier [0.5, 1.0, 2.0] - Changes the durability factor (any decimal works, not just the ones listed)
    /tgconfig tools add [any one tool] - Adds a tool to the plugin's allowed tools
    /tgconfig tools remove [any one tool] - Removes a tool from the plugin's allowed tools
    /tgconfig toggle [fairdurability, updatechecker, autoreplant, sapling drop] - Turns the setting ON or OFF
    /tgconfig toggle [debugger]- Turns the debugger in the server console ON or OFF
    /tgd - Gives the player a diamond axe
    /tgd g - Gives the player a golden axe
    /tgd a - Gives the player one of each type of axe

    tg.user - Allows player to fell trees and use /tg commands except /tg reload. Given to every player by default.
    tg.operator - Gives access to /tgconfig commands and /tg reload. Given to every operator by default.​

    Community Suggestions
    - Add a config setting that implements RNG to decide whether the player receives more, less, or the exact number of logs a tree has. Added 10/6
    - Add an altered lumberjack method to have leaves break along with the logs​
    - Add a method to allow trees to act like mobs/entities, so you have to chop a log a certain number of times before it fells
    - Add a method where if you chop in the middle of the tree, only logs above the chopping point are broken
    - Add an option to auto plant saplings left on the ground? So no more holes in the forest...

    Random Notes
    7/30/18: I don't have much programming experience so this plugin is pretty basic, I'm not sure if it even works properly on a small private server where two people are chopping wood at the same time. I decided to make my own "tree feller" after not finding anything updated for 1.13 except for one that seemed to be too hefty for such a simple mechanic. I'm planning on using this on one server with my friend, but if anyone wants to use it I figured I'd put it out there.

    9/29/18: has been a while since i wrote this note, as always use at your own risk. Working on this plugin is a hobby for me, and I can only do so much version testing on my own. Let me know of ANY issues you have in the discussion section, no matter how small. It helps a lot!!.

    birch1.png birch2.png birch3.png oak1.png oak2.png

Recent Reviews

  1. kohlerpop1
    Version: 3.5.3
    This is very useful on any server as it does not leave floating trees. Great job.
  2. Kappable
    Version: 3.5.2
    Fantastic, works perfectly but if possible could you have the plugin hook into MCMMO?
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support! I will definitely look into it, not sure how to go about it so if anyone knows post a quick message in the discussion section, thanks!
  3. EnderDesiredName
    Version: 3.5.1
    those 2 tree plugins you mentioned are somehow bugged and didn't work properly, but this plugin works so smoothly.
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the support! That's exactly how this started, there was no "light" option regarding tree feller plugins so I set out to make one. It might not have all the bells and whistles, but it works.
  4. zi_o
    Version: 1.13.v8
    It can break the tree regardless of Residence's permissions. I'm sorry I'm not good at English.
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Residence/region protection should now work with update 3.6.2. If the issue isn't fixed, let me know in the discussion section!
  5. NightGamingTV
    Version: 1.13.v6.1
    Hey Man The Plugin is realy nice but the player can farm Bedrock and in plotsquared the border can be destroyed with dies plugin can you fix it ? sorry for my bad englisch but im german
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback! The issues you had should now be solved. Only the tree's logs are broken now :) Please let me know of any other issues you encounter.
  6. zi_o
    Version: 1.13.v6.1
    This is a great plugin! can you make it work on the acacia tree.................
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Acacia trees are now supported :)
  7. Avaerian
    Version: 1.13.v6
    Amazing plugin, works extremely well. Thanks for this plugin, and I hope you continue to develop plugins
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the compliment and support! I definitely plan to once I get more free time and learn Java better.
  8. DrunkIrishPotato
    Version: 1.13.v6
    Brilliant, works perfectly on my 1.13 server. Been looking for a plugin like this so thank you!
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear, hope you enjoy!
  9. RegencySolid
    Version: 1.13.v6
    Awesome plugin man, simple and works perfectly, tested it with two people using at once and it works fine!
    1. Dudenn
      Author's Response
      Good to hear, thanks for testing it out. I figured it would work with multiple people but haven’t gotten a chance to try. Glad you like it!