(1.14.4 Ready) PhysicsToGo -> Physics & Environmental Regeneration 1.9.3-SNAPSHOT

PhysicsToGo is a lightweight physics & environmental regeneration plugin.

  1. JKMODz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    What is PhysicsToGo?

    PhysicsToGo (PTG) is an advanced animation/mechanic system that brings physics to different aspects of the game. PTG's goal is to provide you and your players with a unique immersive aspect in which the game lacks by default. The plugin does so by using animation aspects, regeneration systems, and other unique features that make the plugin its own!

    What Are Some of Its Features?
    • Professional Level Configuration with a modular design.
    • Block Memory System (Damaged block restoration on server shutdowns)
    • Regeneration System
    • Block Physics System
    • Container Content Restoration
    • Sign Information Restoration
    • Particles and Effects
    • A variety of hook support such as Factions, ASkyBlock, Kingdoms+, and more.
    • Auto-Updating Configuration
    • Per-World feature Support
    Commands & Permissions
    Code (YAML):
    ⍟ Commands ⍟
    * /ptg reload - Reloads the plugin's configuration files.

    ⍟ Permissions ⍟
    * ptg.bypass - Enables the player to bypass all enabled bypassable modules.
    * ptg.bypass.break - Enables the player to break blocks without them being regenerated (If the module is enabled).
    * ptg.bypass.place - Enables the player to place blocks without them being reverted (If the module is enabled).

    Show Me Tutorials & Media!

    Many thanks to @BillyCooldude for the amazing tutorial make sure you guys go subscribe for more awesome tutorials! :D

    Please note that this video may not be relevant to future updates.

    Here are some GIFs of some of the big features in PhysicsToGo:



    Block By Block Regeneration:

    Instant Regeneration:

    New Tree Physics & Regeneration

    Developer API

    PhysicsToGo only has the HookCallEvent, as of v1.8, which is used to implement your own hooks into the plugin in the same manner that the default hooks function.

    Where Can The Author Be Contacted?

    The author can be contacted here on Spigot or using one of the following:

    Discord: XZot1K#7490
    Email: [email protected]

    You can also join the plugin support discord here!

    Terms & Conditions
    • Don't claim the source code as your own.
    • Don't post bugs, issues, or requests in the review section. Imprvement requests are fine, but please don't create a review simply stating that you ran into a issue or you want something added.
    • Please enjoy the plugin.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alpha5402
    Version: 1.9.1
    Very amazing plugin. It is praiseworthy!
    Maybe my English is not very fluent, so please forgive me for my incorrect expression.
    I hope to advertise this plugin to the China Minecraft Forum "www.mcbbs.net".
    I just translated the introduction and configuration of the plugin into Chinese and teach the Chinese people how to use it.
    I would never claim that this plugin is mine, I will still mark you as an author and guide them to the page to download the plugin.
    thank you for your reply
  2. TroyZS
    Version: 1.9
    Good plugin, fast respond from author, fixed my problems within minutes!, get it now you wont regret
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the awesome review!
  3. Minestick
    Version: 1.8.7-C
    Excellent plugin, highly configurable makes it suitable for a variety of servers.
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review, be sure to let me know if you encounter any issues!
  4. DrDog_
    Version: 1.8.7-C
    Amazing plugin boy, but add support with bluefactions please <333333333333333333
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the compliment, but the review section is no place for requests.
  5. Hosom
    Version: 1.8.7_SNAPSHOT
    Here are the bugs i found out:

    1) hand broken and hand placed blocks still get regenerated in every region if i set block-in-all to true.

    2) block-in-all does not actually work. If i set it while blacklist is enabled, it regens everywhere like if it wasnt enabled (also in the blacklisted regions!). If i set it while whitelist is enabled, whitelist completely ignores it and regens in the whitelisted zones

    3) The only way i can think how to get this to work is to enable blacklist and then insert the name of a region that dosen't exist in the blacklist, but then blocks are being regenerated also if i use block-in-all, like i specified in point (2)

    Moreover i found out an additional bug:

    4) If you break a block under a tall grass block, and then you quickly put something in it's place, when tall grass will be regenerated the block that was under the tall grass block will be removed, and tall grass will break, resulting in a little hole.
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      A lot of these have already been addressed, but as I mention to everyone else, don't use the review section for bug/issue reports. There is a discussion page and a GitHub issue page.
  6. Hosom
    Version: 1.8.6-C
    The plugin works perfectly on 1.14.2, very well coded!

    But i have a problem, can i configure it to regen all the broken and placed blocks that are not inside ANY worldguard region? Not just tnt. Also placed and broken blocks should be regenerated if outside ANY worldguard region, without specifing a region whitelist or blacklist..

    Because on my server players will use protection stones to create new regions, and i want the world to slowly regenerate outside them. A region is created placing a custom protection block, that is a bell a diamondblock or a beacon.. and that placed block should not get regenerated!

    If i get this to work i will consider a great donation for such a great plugin!
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      Glad you are loving the plugin! You can accomplish this using the newest feature in 1.8.7_SNAPSHOT!
  7. LucidusMC
    Version: 1.8.5-C_SNAPSHOT
    This plugin is rediculously amazing! It has turned dangerous creepers into manageable mobs. Tree felling is effortless and clean, no more annoying floating leaves. Thank you so much for this plugin and look forward to more updates.
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review! If you have any suggestions or require assistance let me know!
  8. Zomblad
    Version: 1.8.5
    «❖» I've never seen such a configurable "realistic-explosion" plugin. Definitely the best out there you can find. Also I want to thank it's author, JKMODz, for being an active developer and for adding features, suggested by me. Keep up the good work.
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you are enjoying the plugin! :)
  9. eickmung
    Version: 1.8.4
    Good Job! PhysicsToGo Plugin. The Best Plugin. This is Developer is Acitve! Thanks.
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      For sure! Glad you are enjoying the plug-in!
  10. sauronbreeze
    Version: 1.8.2
    This plugin is very good, the letter is very good, hope and expect you can do more and better plugins.
    1. JKMODz
      Author's Response
      I appreciate the awesome review! I do have new projects planned once everything gets to where I want them. :)