(1.15 Ready) PhysicsToGo -> Physics & Environmental Regeneration 1.9.4-B

PhysicsToGo is a lightweight physics & environmental regeneration plugin.

  1. ⍟ 1.9.4-B (Moderate Update) ⍟

    • Removed the use of the 'Container' class since it was causing issues with versions 1.8.x and 1.7.x.
    • Most events now no longer yield to other plugins in terms of cancellation. The plugin now ignores cancellation and relies on direct hooks to keep things consistent among other plugins.
  2. ⍟ 1.9.4 (Hot Fix) ⍟

    • Removed Kingdoms support due to major API issues.
    • Implemented the New Feudal API in replacement over the old.
    • Updated to the latest LandsAPI.
    • Implemented the new configuration system created for my other plugins.
  3. ⍟ 1.9.3-B (Hot Fix) ⍟

    Bug Fixes
    • Reversed a couple internal methods that prevented tree physics from functioning correctly without determining specific materials.
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  4. ⍟ 1.9.3 (Moderate Update) ⍟

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue causing tree physics to incorrectly handle the initial broken block.
    • Updated all methods and more to 1.15.
    • Implemented a new blacklist for tree physics falling blocks.
    • Adjusted the tree physics algorithm to handle tree detection a little better.
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  5. ⍟ 1.9.3 (Tiny Update) ⍟

    • Changed event priorities to highest to let other plugins have first say (Change is mainly for protection plugins).
    • Removed the ability for tree physics to initiate from breaking leave blocks.
    • Updated some hooks and re-arranged some methods to better listen for hooks.
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  6. ⍟ 1.9.2 (Moderate Update) ⍟

    • Re-worked tree physics (Further tweaking and optimizing is still to come). This change includes the removal of some tree configuration features; however, has an improved algorithm built for speed and pretty looks!
    • Updated the Towny API to the latest!
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  7. ⍟ 1.9.1 (Tiny Addition) ⍟

    • Implemented a basic percentage for falling blocks.
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  8. ⍟ 1.9 (Hot Fix) ⍟

    • Fixed the tree physics not containing hook checks. This should now support all active hooks.
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  9. ⍟ 1.9 (Small Update) ⍟

    • Processed a GitHub merge adding more world blacklist options.
    • Added the update checker toggle option.
    • Made adjustments to resolve an issue where blocks would be replaced by the block regeneration feature.
  10. ⍟ 1.8.9 (Lands Fix) ⍟

    Bug Fix
    • Changes to the lands hook were made, due to a removed method in the lands api.
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