1.16 Custom Dimensions 1.6

Custom dimension loader for 1.16 servers

  1. NorbiPeti
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    • 1.16
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    This is a lightweight plugin that loads all of the custom dimensions defined via datapacks as separate worlds. It only supports 1.16.4 and 1.16.5. You can also download a 1.16.3 version here.

    - Create a backup of your server, just in case
    - Install plugin
    - Put the datapack that has the dimension in your default world's datapacks folder (for example world/datapacks)
    - Remove/rename any worlds that have the same name as a custom dimension
    - Start the server

    If you already have a dimension save from vanilla, copy the folders from worldfolder/dimensions/minecraft/<dimensionName>/ to serverfolder/<dimensionName>/custom/ although I haven't tested this.

    • The plugin saves world data in a separate folder, meaning you won't lose any data if you load the world without the plugin (or if the plugin crashes).
    • If you use a world manager that's not Multiverse or Hyperverse and this plugin loads after that plugin, then it may not work properly.
    • Dimensions with custom namespaces are supported, the world name is always the key by default (so custom1:custom2 becomes a world named custom2).
    You can ignore certain dimensions in the config or you can change how a custom dimension is known to Bukkit. With the config below it ignores dimensions like minecraft:single_biome (or anything:single_biome) and loads dimension:name with this same name for Minecraft (so /execute in dimension:name works) but it adds the world to Bukkit as bukkit_name, all plugins will see it as such and it will have a folder named bukkit_name.
    Code (YAML):
    - single_biome
    : bukkit_name
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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.6
    After reinstalling the data pack and restarting the server it worked great!
    Can't wait for 1.17!
  2. 9redwoods
    Version: 1.6
    I had high hopes for this plugin, but upon starting the server, I was greeted with dozens of errors, telling me that files in the datapack were not "json objects," and it had errors loading the registry data. I would love to use this plugin, but if it doesn't have what I need to load the custom dimensions I want, It's sadly no use. There should really be a troubleshooting section to this post to help with these errors.
  3. Namamazu
    Version: 1.6
    working fantastically for me, only thing i forgot was to modify the level file for the dimension and fire tick started to burn my house xD
  4. Reppeti
    Version: 1.5
    Works perfectly the dimension loads! I hope it will get updated when 1.17 rolls around.
  5. okzerus
    Version: 1.5
    just not working, i tried do everything, nothing.. can i get any help of this? new dimension just can't be created
  6. Andow1846
    Version: 1.5
    It seems like the perfect solution to my Mining and Hunting dimension not working on my Minehut server but it simply just doesn't work for me. Can you please help me because it is just the same as before and nothing has changed. There is no dimensions folder in my world folder and no other folders have been made.
  7. Specnrr
    Version: 1.5
    Amazing and simple, very well done! I'll be using this to make my Random Dimensions datapack work with Spigot plugins!
  8. mohteshamjibran
    Version: 1.5
    First of all, Thank you soo much for creating this plugin, it was a much needed plugin for custom dimensions made by many authors!

    This works well on 1.16.4 as said :)

    Again thank you soo much you have no idea how much this was needed!
    Now release a plugin which adds support for Paper Clients with the custom mob rate spam :)
  9. SkrateDeath
    Version: 1.5
    One word. Thank you. Thank you soo much please update it also in future the best plugin THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. DefineOutside
    Version: 1.4
    An alternative to this plugin when you want custom terrain on an existing world is to first generate in singleplayer with the datapack and transfer that world over to a paper/spigot/bukkit server, which works just fine. Servers are a bit glitchy with loading custom terrain for vanilla worlds for some reason, even when just using fabric.