[1.16]tmvkrpxl0 Combat 0.1

skill, fun, destruction

  1. tmvkrpxl0
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    • 1.16
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    This is implementations of skills that i imagined in school because i was bored, feel free to use it. Although Source is spaghetti
    Everything is done in command, I strongly recommend you to use keybind mod

    Usage: /tcombat <argument>
    There are 2 kinds of commands, non-target commands and target commands

    non-target commands are commands that don't require targets
    target commands are commands that require targets

    Non-target commands:
    help: Displays this message
    target [playername]: Sets targets to visible entities or the player, player will be added to existing target list
    arrow: Toggles arrow avoiding, looking arrow directly will return arrow to the shooter
    burst: Toggles whether burst 5 arrows when you fire one, cannot be used with multishot
    multishot: Toggles whether fire 15~25 more arrows when you fire one, cannot be used with burst, and has 4 seconds cool down which can be disabled
    burstmultishot: Makes burst and multishot be able to be enabled together(I don't recommend using this for other purpose than fun, it's so powerful)
    select: Cycles selection mode for skills that only work for one target
    fishingmode: Cycles fishing modes, pressing shift while pulling grappling hook will pull hooked entity towards you
    cooldown: Toggles whether enable cool down or not
    jump: Toggles whether enable mid-air jump or not, only works in survival or adventure mode
    fallimpact: Toggles whether enable fall impact or not, not only you need to be fast enough, but also you need to fall more than 15 blocks
    Target commands:
    lift: Lifts ground below targets, you need to target at least 1 entity to use this
    goback: Teleports you to back of target, only works for one target, which target you'll be teleport to depends on selection mode
    tnt: Throws tnt at single target with 45°, and has 4 seconds cool down which can be disabled. Trajectory of tnt may be inaccurate
    homing: Changes arrows you shot into homing arrows, can be used with multishot or burst