[1.16] TreeGravity 4.6.0

Chop entire trees down with just one swing!

  1. [3.7.0] Added More House/Structure Protection

    [3.7.0] Added More House/Structure Protection with a new config setting, called "houseProtection":
    • Values for this config setting are 0, 1, 2, and 3. If houseProtection is set to 0, the extra house protection added in this update will be disabled. This means the plugin will perform exactly the same as the last update (version 3.6.2).
    • Setting houseProtection to 1, 2, or 3 will increasingly restrict what the plugin considers a tree. 1 being low, 3 being high.
    • On level 3, any trees with a "bottom base" of 4 logs (the logs touching the grass) will not get chopped down. You will need to chop one of the base logs so that there are only 3 on the ground.
    • Before using level 3, remember it applies to most jungle and dark oak trees since their base is 2x2 logs, so they will be more difficult to chop these trees down.
    • Due to the natural grouping of dark oak trees, two will usually combine and will now be difficult for players to chop them down with this config setting on. You must chop any logs connecting the two trees and then cut them down separately.
    **Hopefully this fixes the issue where players would chop down their entire house when modifying the structure. As always, let me know of ANY and ALL issues you encounter.

    Two variables are considered with the houseProtection setting: (1) number of "base logs" and (2) length of "branches". These variables help the plugin determine whether a group of logs and leaves are a manmade structure or a large tree (large oak trees, dark oak trees, and jungle trees).

    Base logs are the lowest logs on the tree, and usually only consist of 1 log and are touching grass/dirt (jungle and dark oak trees usually have 4 logs, due to their 2x2 base). If there are more than 8, 5, or 3 base logs with houseProtection on level 1, 2, or 3, respectively, the tree will not fell.

    Branches are any group of logs higher than the base of the tree that share the same Y value. If there are more than 15, 11, or 7 logs with the same Y value with houseProtection level 1, 2, or 3, respectively, the tree will not fell.

    These two variables are checked and updated for the tree on every log break, so you can still chop trees fairly quickly with houseProtection on level 3. Quicker than vanilla woodcutting, anyways. You will just have to put in more work by "carving" the larger trees I listed above to fit the above specifications I listed above.

    Any suggestions to optimize the variables/specs I listed above, are always welcome. If you'd like me to explain further what the plugin defines as base logs and branches, I'd be happy to. Just let me know in the discussion section.

    Any suggestions to optimize the variables/specs I listed in the spoiler above, are always welcome and encouraged. If level 1 is found to be too restrictive or level 3 too liberal, I'd like to know right away so I can get an update out ASAP. If you'd like me to explain further how the variables in the spoiler work, I'd be happy to; just let me know in the discussion section. Thanks!

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