[1.16] TreeGravity 4.6.0

Chop entire trees down with just one swing!

  1. [3.10.0] Added sounds, new config setting that handles default permissions

    New config settings with 3.10.0:
    • defaultUserPerm: [true, false]
    • sound: [none, scream, falling, treefiddy, creepy, LOTR]

    Wanted to get this out before I'm out of town for a few days. Cleaned up the code a lot, hopefully it runs better. I didn't do much testing since I'm just trying to get this out ASAP to solve the Permissions issues that have been popping up. There is now a config setting to disable/enable the default permission of "tg.user", instead of the plugin trying to detect whether you have a perms plugin. You will need to change this setting manually in the config itself, there is no command yet to change it in game. You will still have to manually assign the tg.operator permission to those who aren't server operators.

    Also, I've added sounds! I'm sure some of you remember the screaming trees plugin [1], I wanted to do a little tribute to that. Also wanted to add the "tree fiddy" sounds ever since I started the plugin, since I almost named the plugin TreeFiddy. Another new config setting is 'soundFrequency' which doesn't do anything yet. I'm sure you can assume what it will do, I'll make it work in an upcoming update. There also might be some console messages from the plugin that I use for testing but forgot to delete out. I will eliminate those in the next update. When sound is set to any setting besides none, players will be prompted to download a resource pack when they join the server. The resource pack is located at the following URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzw5sxfjrr0u4wq/treegravitysounds.zip?dl=0

    The following are the values you can set the sound config setting to:
    - none
    - scream
    - falling
    - treefiddy
    - creepy
    - LOTR​

    I hope this will run smooth but if not, switch back to 3.9.1 temporarily. I wanted to get this out for those with permission problems, and therefore haven't had a chance to test this as much as I normally do. As always, let me know of any bugs and suggestions you have in the discussion section or on github. Thanks!!

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