[1.16] TreeGravity 4.6.0

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  1. [4.5.0] CoreProtect compatability

    As title says, i've added compatibility with CoreProtect. Logs broken by treegravity are now logged in CoreProtect. Also, ores and leaves* broken by Treegravity's oresweeper and leafdecay settings are logged in CoreProtect.

    *One caveat to the leafdecay compatability: if leafdecay speed = 6 then it does not log the decayed leaves in CoreProtect (I am working on this issue). If you're looking for a similar functionality to leafdecay speed 6 but want leafdecay logged in coreprotect, then use speed 5 and radius 2 together.
    Nothing needs to be done to enable this feature, the plugin automatically detects whether or not your server has CoreProtect, and then logs the blockbreak events I detailed above.

    I was hoping to just call a blockbreak event which would then be detected by all world protection plugins (including coreprotect), but for some reason the blockbreak events I call are not being logged by coreprotect. So in the meantime, since coreprotect is the most widely used protection plugin, I used the API to log treegravity's blockbreak events. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to why treegravity calling a blockbreak event wouldn't be logged in coreprotect, please message me or post in the discussion section.

    As always, let me know of any bugs you encounter or if you have any suggestions for the plugin in the discussion section!
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