[1.16] TreeGravity 4.6.0

Chop entire trees down with just one swing!

  1. [4.6.0] Update to 1.16.4, added netherite axe + pickaxe support

    • Should be fully updated to 1.16.4
    • Added official commands to add/remove Netherite axe to the allowed tools list
    Potential issues:
    • I haven't yet tested McMMO or CoreProtect compatibility with this version, if you are willing to test please let me know if it works in a private message or in the discussion section

    Sorry I've been away for a while. Life happened. As always, let me know of any bugs or issues in the discussion section. Thanks!
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  2. [4.5.0] CoreProtect compatability

    As title says, i've added compatibility with CoreProtect. Logs broken by treegravity are now logged in CoreProtect. Also, ores and leaves* broken by Treegravity's oresweeper and leafdecay settings are logged in CoreProtect.

    *One caveat to the leafdecay compatability: if leafdecay speed = 6 then it does not log the decayed leaves in CoreProtect (I am working on this issue). If you're looking for a similar functionality to leafdecay speed 6 but want leafdecay logged in coreprotect,...​
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  3. [4.4.3] More bug fixes related to oresweeper

    • Fixed bug where if you used silk touch pickaxe to mine ore, you would get the ore but also XP as if you had mined the ore with a normal or fortune pickaxe.. so you could in theory keep placing ore, break ore to get xp, and repeat this process for infinite xp.
    • Deleted out console message spam. Sorry I use these for debugging, I must have forgotten to delete them.
  4. [4.4.2] Forgot to update version in plugin.yml...............

  5. [4.4.1] Bug fix to Custom Enchant Plus's autosmelt

    Fixed CE autosmelt bug where fortune pickaxes were acting as if they had autosmelt enchant on them, therefore iron and gold ore mined with fortune pickaxes were dropping ingots instead of ore.
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  6. [4.4.0] Added compatibility with Custom Enchants Plus

  7. [4.3.1] mcMMO hook bug fix

    Title says it all. The mcMMO + TreeGravity hook broke after the 1.15 update, and has been fixed.

    Let me know ASAP if it is not fixed for Classic mcMMO, as I was only able to test with normal mcMMO @ExodusXIII

    As always, let me know in the discussion section if you have any suggestions or find any bugs. Thanks!
  8. [4.3.0] 1.15 update, new leafdecay, "realistic" fall methods, QOL additions, bug fix

    Hello all, nothing major in this update but some quality of life changes and bug fixes:
    • updated library with spigot 1.15.1 and updated API to 1.15.1 in plugin.yml
    • added new leafDecay setting that limits decayed leaves to those broken to those directly near the tree's trunks, and does so immediately. In order to enable this feature, make sure leafdecay is enabled and set leafdecayspeed to 6.
    • added 2 new fallMethods: "realistic.pop" and "realistic.break", which do the same...
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  9. [4.2.2] Bug Fix: Server crash with massive trees

    • Title says it all. Servers would crash if the tree was larger than ~15,000 logs. Maybe the reason why Treegravity doesn't work with EWG for some players.
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  10. [4.2.1] McMMO hook fix, Immediate LeafDecay, Fortune & Silk Touch for OreSweeper

    [4.2.1] McMMO hook fix, Immediate LeafDecay, Fortune & Silk Touch support for OreSweeper
    • Issues with McMMO compatibility should now be fixed. They were caused by a change in McMMO's experience.yml file where the parent section "Experience:" was changed to "Experience_Levels:", sorry it took me so long to solve the issue.
    • Now there is a setting for immediate LeafDecay, just set "LeafDecay.speed" to "5" and the leaves will decay instantly. This setting will most likely...
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