[1.7-1.17] Staff Chat 2.8

The best staff chat plugin for Spigot/Bukkit servers.

  1. 2.8

  2. 2.7

  3. 2.6

    This update fixes this error.

    Also removed onDisable method as was never used by the plugin it self, and made some other stuff more organized.

    Any bugs or issues, please contact me.
  4. 2.5

    Added a toggle command, once you type it, you don't need to type /sc , you just type in public chat and it sends in staffchat.
    Recoded a lot of things for better experience.
    Changed old /sctoggle into /scdisable.

    List of commands: https://prnt.sc/1r29n2b

    If you encounter any issues let me know asap, a lot of things have changed, so I expect some issues.
  5. 2.4

    Some fixes with the new discord webhook feature, any other bugs let me know asap.

    Please update if you are using the webhook feature.
  6. 2.3

    Added a discordwebhook feature. This is fully customizable as well.


    Any bugs please let me know asap!
  7. 2.2

    Reformat code.
    Change the message styling for error while /screload.
    And more small misc changes.

    I might be adding Bungee or Discord support soon, but not so sure about it yet.

    Hope you enjoy this new version of staff chat.
  8. 2.1

    Fixed a critical issue
  9. 2.0

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  10. 1.9

    Added an alternative command for DeveloperChat (/dc).
    Redesigned /schelp to look way more pretty.
    Made config little bit more understanding for some people.

    In 2.0 I am planning on making placeholder support way better, any other suggestions you are feel free to contact me on Spigot and tell me them, or you can go in Discussions. Thank you!

    Happy staffchatting :coffee: