[1.7-1.17] Staff Chat 2.9

The best staff chat plugin for Spigot/Bukkit servers.

  1. 1.9

    Added an alternative command for DeveloperChat (/dc).
    Redesigned /schelp to look way more pretty.
    Made config little bit more understanding for some people.

    In 2.0 I am planning on making placeholder support way better, any other suggestions you are feel free to contact me on Spigot and tell me them, or you can go in Discussions. Thank you!

    Happy staffchatting :coffee:
  2. 1.8

    Added %player% placeholder option. - Suggested by @Willcomputerguy
    Fixed a bug with permissions in sctoggle, actoggle and devchattoggle.

    Happy staff chating :coffee:

    If you encounter any issues or you have any suggestions message me on Spigot asap.
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  3. 1.7

    Haven't done a lot in this update but here is what this update includes:

    1. Use tables instead of multiple hashmaps.
    2. Change the way how I get the version in /schelp.
    3. Fix a small typo.

    Happy staff chatting :giggle:
  4. 1.6

    Recoded StaffChatHelp (/schelp) a little bit.
    Changed default format style.

    New style:
  5. 1.5

    You can now use /screload in console.
  6. 1.4

    Changes in code.
    Made some texts look better by default.

    Any suggestions or bugs can be sent in my SpigotMC Conversations.

    Thank you for using my plugin, as I have been working on this plugin.
  7. 1.3

    Added a developer chat (if you don't want it, set it to false in config)
    Small changes in code

  8. 1.2

    Improved performance, now it barely uses any server performance :O. And overall made it better code.

    Thanks RiceCX for helping out with this.

    I am looking for suggestions for this plugin, if you have any, let me know as fast as possible. And as always, if there is any issue contact me on Spigot or join my Discord server.
  9. 1.1

    Forgot to change current version in /schelp, whoops.

    Also fixed issues with update checker, it takes time to cache the new update tho so that kinda sucks, takes like 6h so after 6h it should work properly.

    EDIT: Works all fine now, everything is resolved.

    Thank you for using my plugin once again!
  10. 1.0

    Quick fix with the update checker.

    It will be set to 'false' by default, if you want you can enable it, but it is kind of buggy right now and I am working on it. It will be fully fixed in next upcoming update where I will add bug fixes and new features.

    Thank you for using my plugin!