[1.8 - 1.12] • Nanobots - Grey Goo in Minecraft! v2.0.0

Minecraft's first self-replicating Technology!

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    FireBreath15, SpectralVulpine
    U N L E A S H - A R M A G E D D O N
    [About Nanobots]
    Welcome to Nanobots – Minecraft’s first experimental nanotechnology that aims to make the world a cooler place. With Nanobots, players are no longer bound to the boring physics of vanilla Minecraft. You can utilize these “Nanoblocks” to clear out a mine, erode specific blocks of your choice, or attack an enemy base. With new features being added all the time, this plugin is perfect for utility, war, and "accidental" catastrophe.

    Nanobots is a plugin which aims to add self-replicating Nanobots to your server. Inspired by the concept of Grey Goo, Nanobots was developed to aid players in block removal, while still allowing for versatile fun. This plugin adds a new layer of reality to your server, and is a must-have for servers everywhere.

    This plugin is made to be as lightweight as possible. While it is not perfect, you should not see significant lag on normal settings.

    Items Included:
    The Programmer is a custom block in Nanobots which allows for programming Nanoblocks. Place any Nanoblock into the leftmost slot, and any regular block into the rightmost slot, and click the button in the center. By doing this, the Nanoblock will be targeted – it will only spread to the blocks it is programmed to attack. You can add an infinite number of targets to a Nanoblock.
    Depending on your settings, blocks that are targeted may eventually become rogue. If this is the case, you can configure rogue Nanoblock masses to target every block, instead of just their targets. There is a trade-off for leaving your dangerous technology unattended, of course!

    A Nanoblock is a fully-formed block teeming with Nanobots. When placed, it will begin to spread to its surrounding blocks. If it was programmed using the Programmer, it will only spread to blocks it is programmed to attack. Nanoblocks can be crafted using the recipe above, if the plugin is configured to do so.

    A “mass” is simply a term used to describe a collection of Nanoblocks that have begun to spread to their surroundings. All active Nanoblocks are categorized by their masses.

    A mass is said to go "rogue" when it reaches a certain size set in the configuration. Rogue masses can spread to any block regardless of programming, except Bedrock. A mass begins to grow tall spires to indicate that it is reaching rogue status.
    The year is 2016. Deep in a remote, underground laboratory, mastermind software engineers have developed microscopic robots capable of attaching to their surroundings and modifying molecular structures. By harnessing this power of robotic microorganisms, modern science has successfully built these self-replicating Nanobots. Now, as crafters everywhere call for a powerful, versatile utility, these Nanobots have made it into the wild – attacking the blocks and structures they were targeted to destroy.

    To install Nanobots, simply drag the plugin file into your /plugins folder and restart your server. It will generate all the necessary configuration files which have been pasted below for reference. Nanobots works out of the box on most versions of Spigot, and is very configurable.
    Code (Text):

    # Nanobots config #

    # Block Materials #
    nanoblock-material: CLAY
    programmer-material: FURNACE

    # Mass Settings
    spread-delay: 15
    max-size: 20000
    rogue-size: 10000
    do-deteriorate: true
    decay-speed: 15

    # Physics Settings #
    do-spawn-spires: true
    do-spawn-rogue-spires: true
    spire-chance: 50

    # Misc. Settings #
    do-rogue-targeting: true
    allow-crafting: true

    [Commands and Permissions]
    /nb get (nanobots.get)

    Get a Nanoblock kit. Includes 1 Nanoblock and 1 Programmer
    /nb reset (nanobots.reset)
    Reset the Nanoblock table, erasing all masses
    /nb reload (nanobots.reload)
    Reload the config.yml file
    /nb size (nanobots.size)
    See the size of each mass.
    /nb pause (nanobots.pause)
    Toggle Nanobot activity.


    Here are some basic troubleshooting tips:
    • Ensure that your server is running the latest version of Spigot, or at minimum the recommended version for your copy of Nanobots.
    • Your config.yml file must be configured correctly.
    If you still experience issues after checking these items, please post your question in the Discussion thread with as much detail as possible.

    This plugin was tested on a Spigot 1.11.2 server with 1GB of RAM and did not cause lag by itself. If you experience lag, please reduce the settings in the configuration and try again. Please send me a PM (or post the question in Discussion) if you notice a lot of lag.

    [Source and Bug Tracker]
    Find a bug? Want to view the source code? Use these links to get started!

    Source code: click here
    Submit a bug report: click here

    [What People Say]

    Nanobots is an incredibly fun, configurable, and powerful plugin. The possibilities are endless and the entertainment never ends. However, Nanobots is designed to modify parts of your world, and is capable of destroying them if configured to do so. Please exercise caution in using the plugin, and never use high configuration settings if your server cannot handle them. The developers of this project are not responsible for any virtual nor physical damage caused by your usage of this plugin!
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